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School buses parked at the bus compound



Tips for Students Walking and Biking to School

  • Practice walking and biking to school with an adult to learn your walk route.
  • Stay alert and look around continuously to stay aware of what is around you.
  • During the day, wear light colored or bright colored clothing so you can be seen.
  • Walk or bike in groups.
  • Wear a helmet when riding a bike.
  • Do not allow someone to ride as a passenger on your bike.
  • Make sure your bike is in good working condition. Check brakes, tires, bike chain, seat adjustment and reflectors. Make sure your bike is the proper size for you.
  • If something blocks your walk or bike path such as snow, ice, a sidewalk that is not continuous, look around and walk carefully around the obstruction. If the roadway is the only option, walk facing traffic so that traffic is visible. Use the shoulder of the road as far from the driving lane as possible.
  • Allow cars to pass before attempting to cross a street.
  • Always look left and right a few times before and while crossing to make sure no vehicles are approaching.
  • If walking through parked vehicles, stop and look carefully before stepping out from between vehicles. Don’t run between parked cars and buses.
  • Always walk inside a crosswalk when one is available.
  • This walk sign means you are approaching a school crosswalk.