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Digital Conversion

Olentangy is proud to pursue a digital conversion plan to continually improve our technology infrastructure and give the District the ability to personalize the learning experience for all of its students. The digital conversion plan allows the District to have the technology tools and means to accomplish the goal of a personalized learning experience, driving the achievement of its students to even higher levels, while learning in a 21st century environment.

To that end, the District encourages its 5th through 12th grade students to bring their personal devices to school as part of the Power Up Olentangy (Bring Your Own Device) initiative. The vision is to provide a blended learning approach and for students to use technology during the school day as well as at home to support their learning.

By introducing the Power Up Olentangy program, teachers have the opportunity to better prepare students for the future skills they need to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly global, digital society.

Although students are encouraged to Bring Your Own Device, this is an opportunity for students and is not an expectation. Those students who bring their devices will have guidelines for how and when they can be used and district devices will continue to be available for all students.