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Workarounds for logging into Chromebook, Schoology, PowerSchool

Chromebook Login

Try this workaround if you are having issues logging in to a Chromebook

Click Sign in with a different account

Enter your full email address – ex: 21jsmith@olsd.us

When prompted enter your typical myOLSD password

A web browser window will open where you can open another tab and manually navigate to other resources like Schoology and PowerSchool


Log into Schoology without the myOLSD portal

  1. Go to Schoology.com
  2. Click the login button
  3. Click the SSO Login button under the forgot your password button
  4. Search for your school name (It can be any olentangy school so if it doesn't let them in with their home school, try another building.)
  5. Click Login

PowerSchool Access

For PowerSchool open a web browser and navigate to the link below

Power School for Parents/Students: https://ps-olen.metasolutions.net/public/

For students, enter your typical myOLSD username and password ex: 21jsmith then your normal password

For parents, follow the same process as students, just enter your parent login credentials instead of your child’s.