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Continuous Improvement Committee

Committee Vision and Intent

The purpose of the Olentangy Continuous Improvement Committee is to communicate and collaborate with the community around the district’s efforts to improve in areas that significantly impact students’ academic performance and wellbeing. Areas of focus will include curriculum and instruction, data, technology, and pupil services. The committee will:

  • Share updates to the district’s continuous improvement plan, strategic plan, and any other documents that guide decision-making;

  • Communicate the academic achievements of the district from the annual achievement report;

  • Gather feedback from multiple stakeholders in relation to the improvement efforts and decision-making of the district;

  • Co-create solutions to challenges faced within the district.

Meeting dates

All meetings of the Continuous Improvement Committee will take place in the Concord Room at the Olentangy Administrative Offices and are open to the public.

October 20, 2022 12pm -1:30pm 
December 15, 2022 12pm -1:30pm
February 16, 2023 12pm -1:30pm
April 20, 2023  12pm -1:30pm

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