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Communications Committee

The communications committee will advise the communications department on providing responsible, accurate, and transparent communications with the District's stakeholders.

The vision of the committee is to further enhance the purposeful and timely communication between the school district and stakeholders. The district will draw upon the expertise of Olentangy community members and staff to provide professional guidance for the continuous improvement of the district's communication, raise awareness on issues affecting education, motivate people to get involved, enhance transparency in district operations, and build a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship with the community.

Community members may express interest in serving on the committee through the communications committee application. Submissions will be received through Sundday, November 6, 2022. Applicants will be contacted directly if they are invited to serve as a committee member. The committee will have the first meeting in late November and will meet quarterly.

Board Policy 9140 – Citizens’ Advisory Committees allows the Superintendent to form committees for the purpose of providing counsel to the Superintendent or the Board on certain programs, issues, or problems.