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Business Advisory Council

The Olentangy School District plays a crucial role in the economic vitality and success of the community. As a high-performing school district, the district is a draw for both businesses and families, and its academic excellence is a significant reason for the area's rapid growth and development.

The Business Advisory Council serves to strengthen the school district's partnership with the community by providing support and insight into the educational and financial issues that impact Olentangy Schools. The council assists the district in identifying industry trends that help to ensure our students learn the critical skills necessary to succeed in today's employment world. In addition, the council provides recommendations concerning changes in the economy and the types of employment in which future jobs are most likely to be available. 

  • BOE Policy 9141: Business Advisory Council
  • The ESC of Central Ohio’s Business Advisory Council (BAC) issues this Business Advisory Council Joint Statement to report on progress outlined in its plan for the 2018-2019 school year, summarize actions taken and actions pending, and specify how the BAC, the ESC’s Governing Board, and the boards of BAC member school districts, including Olentangy Schools, have fulfilled their responsibilities under state law.