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Redistricting 2016-17

Redistricting Process to begin Fall 2016

In preparation for the opening of the Olentangy Local School District’s fourth high school in fall 2018, the District will be conducting a redistricting effort to address the needs created by opening the new high school, including addressing building feeder and enrollment patterns.

All attendance boundaries for the entire district, K-12, will be considered in this process, as the Board of Education Redistricting Guidelines Resolution will be used to direct the Attendance Boundaries committee’s decision making and recommendations.


October 4, 2016 - ABC Meeting

November 1, 2016 - ABC Meeting

December 7, 2016 - ABC Meeting

January 11, 2017 - ABC Meeting

January 25, 2017 - ABC Meeting

January 30, 2017 - Community Forum - Liberty High School (7 pm)

February 6, 2017 - Community Forum - Olentangy High School (7 pm)

February 13, 2017 - Community Forum - Orange High School (7 pm)

March 7, 2017 - ABC Meeting

March 16, 2017 - Board Meeting - Superintendent's decision announced

Attendance Boundaries Committee

Karen Clark, co-chair

Mark Iannotta, co-chair

Brenda Applegate

Doug Babcock

Jodi Beekman

Amy Blackburn

Christy Borin Budreau

Angie Bryant

Zachary Cantrell

Kristina Crites

Lisa Dempsey

Julianne Denlinger

Karmon Dorsey

Frank Eisenhower

Wendy Ellis

Tracy Enders

Seana Espy

Andrew Forgrave

Holly Frank

Kari Friedauer

Colleen Gilger

Stacey Haney

Holly Hanson

Todd Harrop

Randy Heldman

Sharon Jurawitz

Carrie Kaelin

Alecia Kelley

Steven Koehrsen

Michael Kuri

Tracy MacDowell

Susan Marston

Rick Mason

Jeff Matteo

Dawn McIntyre Decker

Jill Medley

Kathleen Meisner

Britta Moss

Wes O'Brien

Lauren Osterholt

Cindy Pearson

Dean Prall

Justin Rezkalla

Joshua Ricketts

James Ropchock

Cherie Sainey

Matt Scheibeck

Dennis Shea

Lisa Varney Kraft

Brent Walls

John Wicks

Yalonda Wilson

Jamie Xenakis

Jeanne Yochheim