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The ABC Options Questionnaire is intended to collect feedback from the community regarding potential boundary changes that would be effective in the fall of 2016. High school boundaries are not being addressed at this time.  There are four different scenarios that have been developed for community feedback. The goal of all the scenarios is to impact the fewest students possible for the 2016-2017 school year while addressing the immediate building utilization needs at Olentangy Meadows Elementary, Cheshire Elementary, and Shanahan Middle schools.  

The attendance boundary committee will review the results and comments from this questionnaire and then develop a recommendation to the Superintendent.  The recommendation presented to the Superintendent may or may not be any one of these scenarios as presented, but may be a combination or variation based on feedback.  When completing this survey, please consider the needs of ALL Olentangy Local students and also review the Board approved redistricting guidelines.