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Superintendent's Committees

Attendance Boundary Committee
The Attendance Boundary Committee is comprised of community members from across the district representing multiple geographical areas and all school buildings within the District. Committee members are selected through an application process.

Business Advisory Council
The Business Advisory Council serves to strengthen the school district's partnership with the community by providing support and insight into the educational and financial issues that impact Olentangy Schools. The Council assists the District in identifying industry trends that help to ensure our students learn the critical skills necessary to succeed in today's employment world.

Communications Committee
The vision of the Communications Committee is to further enhance the purposeful and timely communication between the school district and stakeholders. The district will draw upon the expertise of Olentangy community members and staff to provide professional guidance for the continuous improvement of the district's communication, raise awareness on issues affecting education, motivate people to get involved, enhance transparency in district operations, and build a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship with the community.

Continuous Improvement Committee
The purpose of the Olentangy Continuous Improvement Committee is to communicate and collaborate with the community around the district’s efforts to improve in areas that significantly impact students’ academic performance and wellbeing.

Diversity Committee
The vision of the Diversity Committee is to support the district’s mission and to ensure that the diverse talents, skills and experiences of the school community are valued, respected and supported.