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Getting Ready For Kindergarten

A successful child needs a team of supporting, caring individuals both at home and at school. The enclosed information is intended to introduce skills that will be continued in the Kindergarten classroom. Follow the links at right to find the Kindergarten curriculum maps, a copy of the report card, activities to help build reading and writing skills, and a calendar for the months June, July, and August with daily activities to stimulate some basic readiness skills. These optional activities are for your discretionary use. They are not required but may be useful in preparing your child for a very exciting year of kindergarten.

Some supplies you may consider keeping on hand for these and other readiness activities you may do at home with your child include: crayons, markers, children’s scissors, glue and/or glue sticks, pencils, a variety of paper types your child can use for writing, coloring, cutting, and gluing. Picture books are also very important. These supplies may come in handy throughout the school year for activities sent home by the classroom teacher for your child to complete.