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Which school will my child attend?

Olentangy Schools has 16 elementary schools. View the GIS Map Tool and a list of attendance areas by subdivision.

What does the kindergarten schedule look like?

Kindergarten students attend school on a Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday schedule with alternating Wednesdays. This schedule provides more consecutive days of learning, which gives teachers more freedom to create lessons that build off of a previous day’s work. Kindergarten attendance on these days helps to reduce the number of consecutive days that students are out of school, and allows the district to better balance the total number of days each set of students is in class because Fridays are often impacted by holidays and other no-school days, while Wednesdays are not.

What is the birth date requirement for kindergarten students?

At Olentangy Schools, a child must be five years old by September 30th of the year he/she begins kindergarten.

Do you screen kindergarten students and make recommendations on whether they should attend or wait a year?

We recommend that children who are not five by September 30th do not attend kindergarten. Our process is one of registration, not screening out students. If you have questions regarding the readiness of your child, building principals, teachers and guidance counselors are available to talk with you to help you make the decision whether your child should attend or wait a year. All Olentangy Elementary Schools attempt to screen the majority of new incoming kindergarteners during a scheduled screening day at the school the student will be attending.  No worries if you miss the Kindergarten screening opportunity, the school will access the remaining of the kindergarteners during the first weeks of school.

What do I need to register?

Proof of residency in one of these forms:
• Copy of property card from the Delaware County Auditor’s website
• Signed lease or rental contract
• Settlement statement
• Warranty deed
• Copy of building or purchase contract if you have not yet established residency
For persons living with family or friends – please contact the NSWC (740-657-4030) for information on how to prove residency

• Child’s birth certificate – Ohio law requires we see a copy of the birth certificate. Passports can also be used.
• Divorce/dissolution or Shared Parenting decree with shared parenting plan (if applicable) – in accordance with Ohio law a complete copy of all documents must be provided
• Guardianship documents if child is court-placed and not living with his/her parent(s) and parent photo ID
• Immunization record (see Immunization Requirements )
• TB Test (TB Testing Form)

What happens at kindergarten screening?

When kindergarten students come to screening, they are given screenings for language and basic preschool skills. The results of these screenings help identify students’ needs so schools can be prepared to facilitate maximum learning for every student – they are not used to identify which students are ready or not ready to attend kindergarten.

The screening registration process takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour. The screenings are required by state law and are administered by school personnel.

How can I get my child ready for kindergarten?

The most important thing to prepare for kindergarten is to help your child develop a positive attitude about school and the wonderful things he/she will be learning. Other activities that will stimulate learning include:

• Reading to your child and sharing picture books every day develops an interest in reading;
• Practice writing his/her name with crayons, pencils or markers;
• Counting with picture books, snacks (pretzels, fish crackers, etc.) or while setting the table for dinner;
• Reading and enjoying alphabet books and recognizing letters of the alphabet in everyday life (ex. restaurants, cereal boxes, road signs, etc.);
• Recognizing, naming and drawing basic shapes;
• Practicing your phone number and address;
• Coloring; and,
• Cutting.

It is necessary that children participate in these activities in a natural, relaxed environment. Enjoy the time spent with your child.

The district has included information in our kindergarten packet, available online and at the kindergarten registration, that suggests activities to help prepare for kindergarten.

What immunizations are required for my child to start school?

The Ohio Department of Health  vaccine guidelines are posted online. For additional questions regarding vaccinations, please contact your child’s healthcare provider or the Ohio Department of Health’s immunization program at 1-800-282-0546.

Will the school staff dispense medications if my child needs them?

As parent or legal guardian you may authorize school personnel to administer medications or procedures to your child as instructed by a physician. A physician must complete the Physician’s Medication Procedure Request form and the parent must complete the Parent’s Medication Procedures Request Form in order for the district to dispense medications/procedures. Both forms are available online.

Other useful links on this web site:

Curriculum Maps – Curriculum at Olentangy is developed through a process called mapping. This three-step process includes teachers and administrators that would like to participate in mapping, a curriculum committee review and the board of education’s review and adoption of the maps. All Curriculum Maps are available online.

School web sites – On the top right side of the District website is a school drop down box to link to each school building's website.  A building directory is available online with information specific to each school.