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One Community Conference

The ONE Community Conference is an annual event hosted at one of our four high school buildings. Started in 2014 with 95 participants, we have since grown the conference to over 350 attendees. A collaborative effort between pupil services, gifted services, and equity/inclusion, the purpose of the event is to provide participants with a learning opportunity focused on supporting students with a variety of needs from all different backgrounds. We strongly believe in creating platforms to showcase student voice, as we seek to use personal experiences as a spring board for how to shift our practice. This unique opportunity allows for stakeholders from all walks of life to come together and brainstorm through some of society’s most pressing issues. While the event primarily hosts students, staff, and families within the district, it is open to the general public.

2021 ONE Community Conference: "Healing Through ONE Community" Recap

In 2021, we hosted our 7th Annual ONE Community Conference Series, "Healing Through ONE Community.”  This conference addressed the trauma experienced from Covid-19, distance learning, and the racial injustices happening across the country.  We provided engaging ways for our students, staff and families to positively connect, learn, grow, and heal together.  From January - May, we featured speakers, a wellness component, virtual author visits, held a community-wide book study, listened to student keynote remarks, and participated in service-learning projects.  All six events were a success!  Thank you to our Olentangy community for showing up to listen, volunteer, learn, and support these events.  Based on survey feedback, the district will host the ONE Community Conference in another series format next year.  

  • Event #1: First Annual District-Wide MLK Day of Service - On January 18, we came together as ONE Olentangy to volunteer our time, talents, and treasures toward the continuous improvement of our community. We donated over 14,000 items to local community organizations. 
    • CHOICES – 11,787 Kids Snack Kits
    • LSS CHOICES – 190 Natural Hair Care Kits
    • Delaware County Diaper Bank – 541 Diapers and Wipes
    • Turning Point – 197 Twin Bedding Sets & Pillows, 323 Clothing Items and 158 Pet Items
    • Mount Carmel Frontline Healthcare Workers – 1,280 Cheer Cards
  • Event #2: Elena Aguilar & Barbara Fant - On January 30, this presentation focused on five power strategies for cultivating resilience. The wellness component consisted of a guided writing exercise around finding and cultivating joy in the midst of challenge and pain. 464 people registered for this event.  Based on post-survey results, 89.5% of participants were highly satisfied with this event. 

"I was inspired by the energy and passion of the speakers. They provided thoughtful reflection and safe spaces to be present.”

“It takes a village of collaboration to make change.”

  • Event #3: Virtual Author Visits - During February, our district participated in a community-wide African American Read-In in conjunction with the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).  Students read books that elevate and celebrate the Black experience.  Students in every building participated in a trivia contest and had the opportunity to win books written by featured authors. On February 22nd, students and families had the opportunity to participate in a virtual author visit with Matthew Carter & Oge Mora.  392 families registered for this event.  Based on post survey results, 97% of participants were highly satisfied with the experience. 

"Loved hearing from Oge Mora and the kids enjoyed her reading the story. It was very relatable to their lives and fun to hear from someone local.” 

“Seeing how Carter's difficulties in his life didn't stop him to overcome and push forward. He was honest and straightforward, and kids need to hear that you can overcome adversity.” 

  • Event #4: First Annual District Service Plunge - On March 27,  students, staff, and families had the opportunity to learn together through community service.  Participants chose from 10 different service projects, engaging with community partners from across Delaware and northern Franklin counties.  The organizers created an interactive notebook which explained the various service projects, provided information about the service partners, offered additional resources to learn more about the social issue being addressed, and an area to reflect on the experience.  We had a total of 393 staff, students, and families sign up to participate in this experience.  Based on survey results, 100% of participants were highly satisfied with the event. 

I loved everything about this program. I love the wide variety of organizations and tasks. I think there was something for everyone...different types of activities that you could choose from based on your desired level of involvement.”

It was awesome! Please do it again next year!”  

  • Event #5: Virtual Student Keynote Speakers -  On April 21, high school students shared their experiences with identity, community, and healing. We believe that centering student voice and experience is at the heart of what helps us get better as a school community. 271 people registered for this dynamic event.  Based on post survey results, 87.5% of participants were highly satisfied with the event. 

"The individual courage, talent and strength of these students who were given a platform to use their voice. Bravo!!”

“I loved hearing the students' experiences! They talked about tough subjects but presented a positive vision for the future if we allow ourselves to really learn from each other.”

  • Event #6: Dr. Gholdy Muhammad - On May 8, this keynote speaker focused on how educators can cultivate healing and joy through Culturally and Historically Responsive pedagogy (CHRE).  Over 200 people registered for this event. Based on post survey results, 50% of participants were highly satisfied with the event.

“That everyone has genius and we need to look at positives over deficiencies. Plus the black model of educational excellence is fascinating!”

Gholdy brought energy and joy to her presentation and shared actual examples of culturally responsive lessons for K-12.”