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Student Resources


  • Adderholdt-Elliott, Ph.D. Perfectionism: What’s Bad About Being Too Good. Free Spirit Publishing 1987.
  • Barrett, Susan L. It’s All in Your Head. Free Spirit Publishing, 1992.
  • Galbraith, Judy. The Gifted Kids Survival Guide (for ages 10 and under). Free Spirit Publishing, 1987.
  • Galbraith, Judy & Jim Deslisle, Ph.D. The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide: A Teen Handbook. Free Spirit Publishing, 1996.
  • Hipp, Earl. Fighting Invisible Tigers: A Stress Management Guide for Teens. Free Spirit Publishing, 1985.
  • Martin, Donald. How to be a Successful Student. Martin Press, 1988.
  • McCutcheon, Randall. Get Off My Brain: A Survival Guide for Lazy Students. Free Spirit Publishing, 1985.

Educational Opportunities


Ohio Senate Bill 140 has enacted Section 3365.02 of the Revised Code which establishes a Post-Secondary Enrollment Option Program for eligible students. A high school student may take nonsectarian courses at a post-secondary institution and receive high school and/or college credit. Acceptance by a post-institution is required.

For more information regarding PSEO, please download “Flow Sheet For Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program .” Also, please download and review the “OHSAA Eligibility Guide” for guidelines for determining athletic eligibility as set by the Ohio High School Athletic Association. Included in the brochure are provisions for PSEO participation.


Apple Computer’s iTunes Store offers free podcasts for a variety of topics. iTunes can be downloaded onto any home computer for free from the Apple website. Browse the education podcasts for radio-style lessons or search for the ones below. For security purposes, always preview a podcast. Apple marks questionable podcasts with the label ”Explicit“ so they can be avoided by parents and children. Still, use discretion.

Some recommended podcasts include:

There are also many podcasts available from specific schools of all levels and backgrounds. Many of them contain single lessons from teachers or single casts with students sharing projects they have completed and teaching others what they have learned.

Online Activities

  • Fun Brain – Fun Brain has links to lots of games for all interests and ages. There are arcade-style games, web books, and other interactive activities.
  • Set Game – Play the Set game online and learn variations for playing the card game at home. You can also play Quiddler and Xactika online.
  • 24 Game – Play the 24 Game online. Select level of difficulty based on age and experience.
  • Web Sudoku Puzzles –Play the Sudoku game online. Players can choose their level of difficulty.
  • NCTM Illuminations – Activities are available for many grade levels for a range of math concepts.
  • How Stuff Works – This site is exactly what it says. It is a group of pages that explain how EVERYTHING works. It is organized and easy to navigate.
  • Conceptis – Puzzle designer for publishers, but online site includes downloadable puzzles and ones to solve online. Includes Sudoku, logics, and others.
  • Open Courseware Consortium – a free and open digital publication of high quality educational materials, organized as courses. This is a collaboration of more than 100 higher educational institutions and associated organizations from around the world, including such renowned institutions as MIT and Johns Hopkins.


  • Math Playground – Interactive word problems, logic and math games
  • AAA Math – Interactive math lessons for grades K-8, including basic math skills, interactive practice, explanations, examples and challenge games
  • Math Goodies – Interactive lessons, worksheets and homework help
  • Fun Brain – Math games, arcade, playground, also Reading
  • Ask Dr. Math – Links to many math activities and other math websites
  • Explore Learning – Free trial offers for math activities
  • Cool Math – Math lessons, games, practice problems, dictionary
  • Free Math Help – Worksheet generator, lessons, games
  • Multiplication.com – Student section for help with memorizing times tables
  • Aplus Math – Helps students improve math skills interactively
  • edHelper.com – Elementary through middle school themes and subjects
  • Internet4Classrooms – Helps teachers use the internet effectively
  • Homeschool Math – Website links for all grade levels
  • Math Cats – Magic Math Chalkboard!
  • Math-Drills.com – Links to math websites for all grades
  • Scholatic.com – Scholastic Math Magazine online