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Curriculum Maps and Blueprints

The Olentangy Local School District believes that a guaranteed and viable curriculum is the foundation upon which all learning is built. Guaranteed, in that all students regardless of their teacher or school, will have access to the same content, knowledge and skills across the district. Viable, in that careful decisions have been made to focus on particular content, allowing teachers to realistically teach for mastery in the time allotted.

Our Curriculum Blueprints provide a conceptual overview of each course and grade­ level subject area. They aim to clarify the long-­term goals, desired learning outcomes, and significant student performances contained in each course. Rigorous and engaging academic work is designed by teachers using these expectations as a guide.

The Curriculum Blueprints were developed by Olentangy teachers. We continue to create and refine our Curriculum Blueprints as we learn, teach, and collaborate throughout the year. For courses where Curriculum Blueprints have yet to be created, either state standards or district-created curriculum maps are available.

Should parents or guardians wish to review instructional materials, please contact your child's teacher.

View Olentangy Curriculum Documents

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