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Social Media

The communications department is responsible for managing the following social media accounts for the school district: 

The purpose and goal of these social media accounts are to amplify recognition, bring awareness to district happenings, and engage our community with the District, and in turn, our schools. These accounts bring Olentangy’s mission to facilitate maximum learning for every student to the forefront, connecting with a wide viewing audience. 


The district accounts feature student and staff accomplishments along with learning opportunities taking place in our schools, informative updates, district happenings, and some urgent messaging with the intention to celebrate schools and individuals while also apprising our community with district news and events. 

The majority of the content on these accounts is shared with the communications team by our staff through our tip sheet, or by emailing Amanda_Beeman@olsd.us. The community is encouraged to also share photos and information about our students and staff to be shared with our greater community. 


High schools, high school athletic departments, and individual high school athletic teams/groups often maintain separate social media pages. Please ask your coach/advisor, athletic director, or principal if you need information to follow your school or team accounts. 

The District shares end-of-season extra-curricular highlights of high school athletic accomplishments on social media and in the district newsletter. These photo slideshows are created with information shared by each high school athletic department and include sports teams from all four high schools that received OHSAA accolades.  

Beyond end-of-season extra-curricular recognition, the District will make the community aware when an athletic team and/or individual is going to a state final, and when a team and/or individual wins a state championship. Exceptions to this rule include human interest pieces that are submitted for consideration. 

Middle school athletics are recognized at the school level. Human interest stories about the teams or student athletes may be submitted for social media.  

If a student is receiving national-level recognition for a non-school related athletic or extra-curricular activity, it may be submitted to be featured on district social media accounts. However, the District prioritizes the large number of Olentangy extra-curriculars for recognition, and does not guarantee that non-school related activities will be posted.