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To support a consistent, identifiable, and respected brand presence, Olentangy Schools has all vendors complete an annual application and sign licensing agreements stating that they will follow the brand guidelines and terms of use.

All third-party vendors are required to become an approved licensed vendor to create products and/or partner with an Olentangy school, group or team as of January 1, 2022. Approved licensed vendors are posted to the district website, and must follow the vendor approval process.

The district has the right to ask any company, individual or organization to immediately stop the use of a logo, or to deny use of its logos to any individual, company or organization for any reason.


Affiliated vendors always work with district-sponsored groups like teams or parent groups to produce products for a district-sponsored activity/organization.

  • Affiliated Vendors DO NOT produce products independently to sell in a store or online.
  • Affiliated Vendors DO NOT determine the price, distribution, and sale of the products. This is determined by the district-sponsored group.
  • Examples of Affiliated Vendors: Vendors creating athletic uniforms, vendors creating shirts for a PTO fundraiser, or vendors creating athletic gear for a specific extra-curricular or athletic team.

To become an Olentangy Schools Affiliated Vendor, please complete the following two steps:


Submit an Affiliate Vendor application.


Once the Affiliate Vendor application has been approved, sign an Affiliate Non-Exclusive Licensing Agreement.  After signing the agreement, please email it to brandrequests@olsd.us.


Non-affiliated vendors may work with district-sponsored groups AND work independently to produce products for vendor profit.

  • They DO determine the price, distribution, and sale of the independently produced products.
  • They MUST pay a royalty percentage of all revenues received for the sale of goods and services tied to an Olentangy Schools brand, as spelled out in the non-affiliate licensing agreement.

To register and become an Olentangy Schools Non-Affiliated Vendor, please complete the following two steps:

Sign a Non-Exclusive Licensing Agreement stating you will follow the brand guidelines. You agree to pay Olentangy Schools a royalty of 10% of all revenues received for the sale of goods and services offered under the Olentangy Schools Licensed Marks. This amount can be paid every 6 months. After signing the agreement, please email it to brandrequests@olsd.us



A vendor application may be denied:

  • If a vendor does not consistently follow the official brand guidelines or processes, the vendor may lose their vendor status. 
  • Any unapproved vendor that produces materials using the district brands may be eliminated from consideration any time in the future. 
  • Any vendor that tampers with or uses district brand elements in any way other than outlined in the brand guidelines will be eliminated from consideration as an approved vendor in the future. 
  • Vendors who do not follow the brand guidelines and processes may be subject to legal action on behalf of Olentangy Schools.


Questions about the Olentangy Schools brand process? Please reach out to Communications and our brand partners.

Krista Davis
Chief Communications Officer

Amanda Beeman
Assistant Director of Communications

Large, national vendors contact K12 Licensing
Trajan Cunningham

Olentangy Schools Brand Review