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Branding and Trademark Licensing Program

A brand identity is more than a logo and tagline. It’s a guide that helps understand the personality of Olentangy Schools. Olentangy’s strong brand identity capitalizes on the excitement, pride, and positive momentum in our schools and across our district.

The branding process has been created to build consistent, identifiable and respected brands, while offering our students, parents, staff and other organizational groups choices and direction for promoting their activities.

This page provides official brand guides, vendor registration, step-by-step guidelines and a project review process. All projects and vendors must be approved by Olentangy Schools, and follow the approval process detailed on the Brand Project Request Form page and the Vendors page.


The following rules have been set to guide the use of all trademarked materials. Below are a few reminders to ensure proper use. 

  • Use of the District’s or a school’s name, logos, initials, mascot name, buildings and other resources for advertising and promoting products and/or services is not allowed unless the district has specifically authorized the use
  • The use of any logo and/or branded material may not imply that the district endorses a product, service, or company, or that a product, service or company is a part of Olentangy Schools. 
  • To minimize confusion between official district and third-party communications, district and/or school logos may not be used as a display “icon” for any person or organization’s social media. 
  • If the district has authorized use of district/school branding, before using an Olentangy logo, the authorized user is responsible for becoming familiar with the associated Brand Guide
  • All uses of a district/school logo must receive approval through submitting a Brand Project Request Form, and logos may not be modified, added to, or subtracted from. 
  • Any “old” logos that are not included in each school’s brand kit (detailed in the Brand Guides) are not to be used in creating new gear and/or materials.

If you have questions, or would like to report the misuse of the district’s name, mascot name, logos, web design, its buildings and sites, and/or other resources for advertising and promoting products, please contact BrandRequests@olsd.us

trademark licensing program

A trademark licensing program gives Olentangy Schools control over its logos and marks, thereby ensuring the quality and consistency of all the district’s merchandise. It also enables the district to generate revenue from the sale of merchandise bearing its logos and marks. The revenue is used to support and enhance many programs throughout the district. Outside of the district, the trademark licensing program creates a cooperative and positive working relationship with the manufacturers and retailers that work with Olentangy Schools. 


To streamline the brand project process for our activities, teams, parent groups, vendors, and other organizations, please first review the district and/or school brand guides before requesting use of our logos and marks.


All projects that use district/school logos, names, or any other graphics associated with the District must start with a Brand Project Request Form and submit a design mock-up for approval.

Step 1: Submit a Brand Project Request Form for EVERY Olentangy project, including but not limited to uniforms, apparel, and signs. Either you or your approved vendor must fill this out for every project. 

Step 2: Submit all designs to brandrequests@olsd.us for approval prior to ALL projects moving forward. Groups and vendors work together to follow the brand guidelines outlined in the Olentangy district and school-specific style guides. This includes logos, colors, and fonts. 

Step 3: You will receive a confirmation email once your project is approved. This verifies you can move forward with the design. Please provide the approval email to the vendor you intend to use for the project. 


All third-party vendors are required to become an approved licensed vendor to create products and/or partner with an Olentangy school, group or team as of January 1, 2022. Approved licensed vendors are posted to the district website, and must follow the vendor approval process.

The district has the right to ask any company, individual or organization to immediately stop the use of a logo, or to deny use of its logos to any individual, company or organization for any reason.


Approved licensed retailers will be added to the Approved Vendors webpage weekly as contracts are received.


Questions about the Olentangy Schools brand process? Please reach out to Communications and our brand partners.

Krista Davis
Chief Communications Officer

Amanda Beeman
Assistant Director of Communications

Large, national vendors contact K12 Licensing
Trajan Cunningham

Olentangy Schools Brand Review