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Dear Olentangy Community,

Today marks the last day of school in 2020. Throughout this year, we’ve frequently heard the sentiment that this year is awful and we can’t get through 2020 fast enough. And while it is certainly true that this year has been full of challenges and very difficult circumstances, I’d like us to collectively hit pause and reflect on the many things for which I am grateful. Personally, our family welcomed our second granddaughter this past January, which most certainly made 2020 a special year. Here at Olentangy, I am grateful for the incredible efforts of our students, staff and parents as we’ve partnered in ways we never have before to facilitate maximum learning for every student. We were able to finish our school year, provide a socially distanced graduation for the class of 2020, execute fall sports and extra-curriculars and begin our winter extracurricular season. While we have not been able to be in school five days a week, I am proud and grateful for the ability to have provided consistency by maintaining the same attendance model since the start of school August 31.

At the January 14, 2021 Board of Education meeting, I will share an update of our status and look ahead to what the third quarter of this school year might look like. While our day to day responsibilities weigh heavily on our minds this year, please take time to find the things for which you are grateful, talk to your kids about the positives and ways in which you will continue to navigate this most unusual school year together.

Wishing each of you a very happy holiday and a great new year!

Proud to serve as your Superintendent,

Mark T. Raiff