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Olentangy Schools Board of Education approved a three-year contract rollover with the Olentangy Teachers Association (OTA). The contract will run from July 1, 2025, through June 30, 2028; the last contract with the district’s teachers was agreed upon in 2021.

The agreement, approved by the Board on Tuesday, includes annual cost-of-living adjustments at 2.5% in year one and 3% in years two and three.

Superintendent Todd R. Meyer stated, “The work of Olentangy’s nearly 1,600 passionate educators guides our mission to facilitate maximum learning for every student. As a result, Olentangy Schools is a premier destination for new families and staff, and we continue to provide educational excellence at an exceptional value.

“This agreement reflects Olentangy Schools' respect for OTA and the District's teachers, as well as a commitment to retaining and attracting the best teachers.”

“The Board’s goal in ratifying the current contract with our Olentangy Teachers Association is to remain fiscally responsible with our taxpayer dollars while maintaining our longstanding positive relationship with our incredible teachers, counselors, and nurses in line with our approach to working collaboratively with all of our deeply valued associations,” stated Board of Education President Brandon Lester. “Approving the contract in advance of the school year allows everyone to focus time, energy, and efforts on supporting our students and the Olentangy community.”

The OTA, which is comprised of 1,584 Olentangy educators, is newly represented by President Allison Shape. She remarked, “This agreement exemplifies the strong partnership and professional respect within our district. The value that the district places upon teachers, counselors, and nurses is evident in the outstanding work we accomplish together. It is through our collective efforts that we continue to make Olentangy one of the best districts in the state.”