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Around 3,300 parents of our 43,300 Olentangy parent population provided feedback through the District’s parent survey earlier this month. Through your responses, we have gathered valuable information and insights that allow us to continue to partner in our schools and in our community. 

Parents selected the below District Strategic Plan goals as top priorities for this school year: 

  1. Ensure mastery of learning (18.5%) 

  1. Alleviate barriers to learning (11.92%) 

  1. Model fiscal responsibility and transparency (11.61%) 

  1. Promote a culture of inclusive excellence (11.6%) 

Other comments on priorities to note include the District focusing on state funding, partnering with parents, addressing district growth and student college readiness. 

On a scale from 1 (not satisfied) through 10 (very satisfied), parents shared that they are mostly satisfied in their relationship and communication with their school buildings and are confident in their knowledge on how to communicate questions or issues. The average parent response was a 6.85 regarding satisfaction in decisions made by Olentangy Schools. 

The top concerns expressed for the school year were related to the pandemic, maintaining in person learning for students to make up any perceived learning gaps, and COVID mitigation strategies and face mask policies. Many parents expressed concern for the mental and physical health of students and staff. Parents also want to ensure that classroom curriculum continues to focus on learning, and the content quality remains at the high level of an Olentangy curriculum. Other concerns the District will continue to address are the divisiveness in our community, improving communication and engagement with parents, transparency in finances, bullying taking place in schools, and our current staffing and transportation challenges.   

When ranking preferred methods for receiving communication from Olentangy, parents overwhelmingly prefer email communication. Several parents mentioned that they most value communication directly from their children’s teachers. Below are the different communication methods and how they were ranked by parents: 

  1. District email and school building email (tie) 

  1. Text messages 

  1. Phone calls 

  1. Digital flyers 

  1. District website 

  1. Mobile app 

  1. Social media channels 

  1. Other (Many noted paper communication, face to face discussions, and teacher messages) 

Last, we heard from parents and students on what they are most looking forward to this year. We share the overwhelming sentiment to return to normalcy, for students to remain in classrooms with their teachers five days a week, and for continued student academic success and growth. School activities, events and athletics were also at the top of the list, including field trips, graduation and senior events. Other top themes addressed the social benefits of school and the mental and physical well-being of students and staff. Specific courses and teachers were mentioned, as well as pupil services supporting student needs, and the adjustment back into the classroom from CDL. 

We appreciate parents investing time to provide valuable feedback that will help to guide decisions throughout the school year.