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Olentangy Schools


On August 13th, Olentangy Schools’ Board of Education voted on passed the Use of Face Masks/Coverings Policy 8450.01, requiring face masks to be worn by all students, staff, teachers and other person(s) entering an Olentangy building. The expectation is that everyone will uphold this critical policy, respecting the health and safety of our greater Olentangy community.

Face masks approved to be worn inside Olentangy Schools must be the following:

  • Fully cover the mouth, nose, and chin;
  • Fit snugly against the side of the face so there are no gaps;
  • Not create difficulty breathing while worn; and
  • Held secure through either a tie, elastic, etc. to prevent slipping.

Face shields may be worn in addition to a face mask, but not as a replacement. The Ohio Department of Health provides details on why face shields must be accompanied by a face mask.

Olentangy Schools will provide five reusable cloth Olentangy blue face masks to each student, teacher and staff member. Disposable face masks will be available at every building should anyone need a facial covering.

A common question we have received is concerning neck gaiters. Please note neck gaiters are currently accepted as a permissible face mask covering. Short breaks (5 minutes or less) from facials coverings will be permitted when a student or staff member is distanced more than 6 feet from others.

We recognize that there are exceptions to wearing a face mask, particularly for medical reasons or if a facial covering will significantly interfere with the learning process. We have included a face mask medical appeal form on the district website here: Face Mask Medical Appeal Form. If a health appeal is granted, the individual may be required to wear a face shield or other covering in line with the face covering requirement.