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Neighborhood Bridges Olentangy: Gateway for Kindness
Olentangy Schools

Offering kindness to students and families in need has never been so easy!

The mission of neighborhood bridges Olentangy is to partner with our schools in engaging the entire community to remove barriers to learning so that all students can regularly attend and more fully engage in their schools. Neighborhood bridges works directly with our school counselors and social workers to identify needs and respond to students and families.

Here's how you can participate:

  1. Subscribe to neighborhood bridges Olentangy: https://www.neighborhoodbridges.org/community/olentangy-oh
  2. Follow neighborhood bridges Olentangy:
  3. Respond to needs

Neighborhood bridges is here to bridge kindness in the community. If your child or family is in need of essentials and assistance from neighborhood bridges Olentangy, please contact a school counselor or social worker to get started.

Working together neighborhood bridges Olentangy provides hope, impact, and opportunity for every student in our community.