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Olentangy Schools

And the winners are ...

Congratulations to the students who placed in the Inklings Writing Competition!


Connor- Liberty Middle School
Saisrikar- Indian Springs Elementary
Chloe- Liberty Middle School
Summer- Walnut Creek Elementary
Julia- Glen Oak Elementary
Olivia- Glen Oak Elementary
Loring- Arrowhead Elementary
Lindsay- Scioto Ridge Elementary
Aadhira- Olentangy Meadows Elementary
Sarah- Shanahan Middle School
Connor- Liberty Middle School
Sophia- Hyatts Middle School
Daphne- Indian Springs Elementary
Elise- Berkshire Middle School
Saketh- Shanahan Middle School
Tessa- Heritage Elementary
Varshita- Shanahan Middle School
Keilah- Hyatts Middle School


Onajite- Oak Creek Elementary
Srivarsha- Hyatts Middle School
Lauren- Hyatts Middle School
Harper- Wyandot Run Elementary
William- Johnnycake Corners Elementary
Ethan- Olentangy Meadows Elementary
Gayathri- Shanahan Middle School
Ilyas- Wyandot Run Elementary
Taylor- Freedom Trail Elementary
Sidra- Orange Middle School
Michael- Liberty Middle School
Claire- Shanahan Middle School
Eleanora- Liberty Tree Elementary
Sanath- Shanahan Middle School
Cameron- Freedom Trail Elementary
Ayushka- Shanahan Middle School
Natalie- Heritage Elementary
Abigail- Berkshire Middle School


Rian- Heritage Elementary
Riley- Orange Middle School
Aryana- Shanahan Middle School
William- Heritage Elementary
Loring- Arrowhead Elementary
Gideon- Heritage Elementary
Zach- Liberty Middle School
Eva- Oak Creek Elementary
Grace- Orange Middle School
Prateek- Liberty Middle School
Jiaqi- Hyatts Middle School
Anusha- Shale Meadows Elementary
Evelyn- Heritage Elementary
Benjamin- Scioto Ridge Elementary
Sairiya- Orange Middle School
Ananya- Hyatts Middle School
Frost- Heritage Elementary
Abigail- Berkshire Middle School

Judge's Pick

Andrew- Shanahan Middle School

Over 400 pieces were submitted for the district-wide, grade 3-8 competition this year.