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District Announces Name for Elementary School 17
Olentangy Schools

Olentangy’s 17th elementary school will open for the 2024-2025 school year, located in Delaware County at the corner of Peachblow and Piatt Roads.

The District invited community input for the name of the next great Olentangy elementary school, and collected over 250 responses from the community through the month of October. Board policy requires that school buildings and District facility names reflect the local history or geography. The top names suggested were presented to the Board of Education at the October 12 board meeting.

After reviewing community, staff and student input, including applicable historical research, it was determined the new name for our seventeenth Olentangy elementary school will be Peachblow Crossing Elementary School.

The next step will be determining the school mascot and colors. The redistricting process for Peachblow Crossing Elementary is now underway, with the revised attendance boundaries announced in December.