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Committed Distance Learning Update
Olentangy Schools


Olentangy Schools’ district value to always get better has been a central theme this year in forming a virtual school for kindergarten through 12th grade students in record time. The Committed Distance Learning (CDL) program was originally created as a year-long commitment, but the district chose to allow CDL students the option to return to the physical school building after the first semester. At the Board of Education meeting on December 10, Chief Academic Officer Dr. Jack Fette shared that the district is not accommodating transfers into CDL for the second semester because of staffing limitations and class sizes.  

When surveying parents of CDL students, there was an overwhelming sense of satisfaction with this newly created program, the students’ sense of belonging, and communication with the teachers and district.  A pivotal question in the survey asked parent interest in a permanent virtual school that students may continue to attend post-pandemic. The amount of families that expressed a desire to continue virtual learning warrants discussion around a permanent virtual school offering, which would differ from the district’s current OASIS program.

Dr. Fette and the District Leadership Team will continue to monitor interest in a permanent virtual school, while analyzing the costs and benefits of this platform.