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February 22 Meeting Summary

February 22, 2024 Meeting


  • Board President Brandon Lester reiterated that the upcoming ballot issue contains a 4.25 combined operating and permanent improvement levy and a "no additional mills" bond issue to build five new schools. The Board of Education passed a resolution declaring that no additional millage will be collected for the bond portion, and the Delaware County Auditor will add a disclaimer to the Auditor’s website noting that the Olentangy Board of Education has enacted legislation that pledges that the bond issue will not add any millage or increase the tax rate for the bond issue portion of the ballot issue. The ballot issue language will still show the 2.72 mills estimate for the bond issue.  The ballot issue shows the mills the Board is authorized to collect, but the Board is not required to collect what is authorized.
  • Mr. Lester provided multiple examples of past bond issuances (i.e., bond issuances in 2011, 2016 and 2020) where the Olentangy Board delivered on its promises to not collect additional mills for bond issuances.   


  • Liberty Middle School social studies teachers Joseph Cherubino​, Danielle Gillespie, and Fred Chittock presented on the competency-based social studies framework that the District has introduced to build 21st-century citizens. 
  • The curriculum introduces students to scholarship, analyzing sources, identifying the impact of a historical event, and what they can learn about us, our community, and our civilization. Students are given inquiry-based activities and challenged to form their own opinions by supporting them with facts. 


  • Dr. Katherine Branson introduced the inaugural Olentangy Wellness Workshop, which will include a discussion panel featuring Olentangy students, a wellness expo with community partners, and sessions on a variety of topics related to wellness and mental health.  
  • The workshop will be held at Orange High School on Saturday, March 9, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Register here.


  • Superintendent Todd Meyer shared that Olentangy Schools is on the March ballot because there is an immediate need to address the continuing student population growth. Over the next ten years, the anticipated enrollment growth will far exceed our current building capacity at all school levels. Elementary growth is projected at over 2,000 students, middle school growth is projected at 1,100 students (the equivalent of one middle school), and high school growth is projected at nearly 1,500 students (the equivalent of one high school).  
  • The community is invited to learn the facts at the remaining Community Conversations. All events begin at 6:30 p.m. 
    • February 26 – Shanahan Middle School 
    • February 27 – Scioto Ridge Elementary School ​ 
    • February 29 – Olentangy Meadows Elementary School 
    • March 4 – Glen Oak Elementary School 
    • March 5 – Virtual Community Conversation. Submit questions in advance of the virtual presentation HERE
  • Mr. Meyer invited the greater One Olentangy community to celebrate the work and accomplishments of our staff and students at the 2024 State of the Schools event on February 28 at Olentangy High School. The evening will begin at 6:00 p.m. with an all-school showcase, followed by student performances and a presentation from District leadership.  


  • Treasurer Ryan Jenkins reviewed Olentangy Schools’ board policy 6225: Board Participation in Tax Appeal Proceedings, which provides policy guidance for participation in the Board of Revision (BOR) process. This process protects the District’s property tax base and resources to operate schools, protects the interests of all constituents​, and protects against reductions in one property’s value that can result in increases to all other property owners’ tax rates. 
  • Mr. Jenkins further addressed questions about the Delaware County Auditor’s webpage reflecting a millage estimate for the “no new millage” bond issue. The District has analyzed its debt service fund, the amortization schedule, the valuation changes, and the new debt to determine that there will be no increase to the millage. The “no additional mills” strategy was utilized for bond issues on the 2011, 2016, and 2020 levies, which added extensions onto four elementary schools and built Berlin High School, Berlin Middle School, Shale Meadows Elementary, and Peachblow Crossing Elementary without adding additional millage.​ View Mr. Jenkins’ answer to this question and how the bond millage rate has decreased from 8.72 mills in 2011 to 6.25 mills in 2023. 
  • Recent media coverage shared that Ohio school districts  receive funding from sports gambling and other gaming. Mr. Jenkins explained that school districts in Ohio do not receive any funding directly from sports gaming or the Ohio Lottery. The Ohio General Assembly determines the total amount it will provide to Ohio public schools using the state general fund and other funding sources like the Ohio Lottery and gaming, but funding to Ohio schools is provided by the Fair School Funding Formula; sports gaming and the Ohio Lottery do not add to or increase what is provided by the Formula.