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Twenty-six students from across the district's four high schools will receive Global Scholars Diplomas during a virtual graduation ceremony on May 13th. The Global Scholars Diploma is a three-year program of the Columbus Council on World Affairs that develops globally competent high school students by building the awareness and skills needed to take action on a global issue and to become responsible citizens of the world. Learn more about the program and virtual ceremony.

Congratulations to the following Olentangy students on earning their Global Scholar Diplomas. 

  • Alex O.
  • Anooshka T.
  • Ansh A.
  • Anushka K.
  • Arpita P.
  • August J.
  • Ella W.
  • Erin P.
  • Gabriella B.
  • Isabelle H.
  • Katie W.
  • Khushi P.
  • Lauren B.
  • Leanne D.
  • Manasa S.
  • Nandini K.
  • Nandita G.
  • Nathan C.
  • Nghi N.
  • Olivia M.
  • Ryan J.
  • Sanam S.
  • Sona T.
  • Sophia G.
  • Sophie A.
  • Tiya C.