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Public Participation at Board Meetings

The Olentangy Local Schools Board of Education welcomes public participation at its regular Business Meetings. Any individual wishing to address the Board during a meeting must fill out a Public Participation Form available at the entrance of the meeting room. The form must be turned in to the Treasurer prior to the start of the meeting.

Individuals who have completed and turned in a Public Participation Form will have the opportunity to comment on matters of concern during the Public Participation portion of the Business Meeting agenda.

Speakers will be recognized by the Board president and must state his/her name and address. Each statement made by a participant will be limited to 5 minutes, unless extended by the Board president/presiding officer.

The Board encourages the public to offer comments and express opinions. Speakers are strongly encouraged to discuss their comments and concerns with the appropriate school staff members, administrators, and/or board members before directing such comments to the entire Board during a meeting. Individual problems will not be handled at board meetings unless all other avenues of redress have been followed and an appeal is made in writing to the district treasurer at least four business days prior to the meeting.

For more information, view Board Policy 0169.1: Public Participation At Board Meetings.