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School Funding Call to Action

Updated Dec. 7, 2020

Last week, the Ohio House passed House Bill (HB) 305, the long discussed Cupp-Patterson New School Funding Formula Bill. This debate now will go to the Senate. However, it presently appears the senate will NOT be discussing Senate Bill (SB) 376 before their holiday break, therefore ending the work of the Cupp-Patterson group. We need to let the Senators know TODAY that this is unacceptable.

Below is a message from the Ohio School Board Association with a call to action:

Re: Fair School Funding Plan (S.B. 376) – Urge the Senate to pass the bill!

This is one of the most important and critical weeks we have ever seen in education. The House of Representatives passed House Bill 305—the Fair School Funding Plan---by an 87-8 vote last Thursday. The Plan is now teed up for action by the Senate and its companion bill—Senate Bill (SB) 376. The Senate has just several days left to pass SB 376, which defines and funds an adequate and equitable education for all students and answers the 23-year-old DeRolph litigation.

A Senate Finance Committee meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday December 8, at 1:30 p.m. Glaringly absent from the agenda is testimony on SB 376, indicating that Senate leadership has no intention of addressing the Fair School Funding Plan before they leave for the holiday break, thus thwarting three years of work by the Cupp-Patterson Workgroup and the overwhelming support of the House of Representatives for a definable, defensible school funding plan.

It is absolutely critical that everyone takes a few minutes today to contact the following key Senate leaders and ask them to allow SB 376 to move forward with committee hearings and a floor vote before this General Assembly ends this year.


  • Senate President: Larry Obhof: obhof@ohiosenate.gov Ph: 614-466-7505
  • Senate President-Elect: Matt Huffman: huffman@ohiosenate.gov Ph: 614-466-7584
  • Senate Finance Cmte. Chair: Matt Dolan: dolan@ohiosenate.gov Ph: 614-466-8056

Please also reach out to Senator Brenner and encourage him to join you in this effort. brenner@ohiosenate.gov Ph: 614-466-8086

Thank you in advance for joining us in this critical endeavor.


Olentangy Schools Board of Education