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Resolution and Assignments

The Olentangy Board of Education authorizes the establishment of the Olentangy School Funding Action Committee based on the following:


To organize Olentangy residents in order to express the concerns of the community and board regarding the state’s system of funding public schools.


             - the Olentangy community about the issues facing the district with regard to current and proposed state public school funding systems

 - for the Olentangy student and taxpayer at the local, state and federal levels

- host candidate forums during election years and school funding forums during budget years

- for interested residents through the district’s website and local newspapers
- concerned residents into an action committee
- with residents to understand the community’s concerns
- with local, state and federal officials to express our community’s concerns
- to residents and the board the activities/results/findings of the committee

Approved by the Olentangy Local Schools Board of Education on March 9, 2004


The following initiatives are being delivered to the School Funding Action Committee (SFAC) by the Board of Education for research, review and analysis during the 2006-07 school year. SFAC should review and develop an understanding of the topics, seek methods by which to educate the community and present updates on their progress at board meetings.

For the 2024-2025 budget, the committee will advocate for fully funding the Fair School Funding Formula.

History, Current Method of State School Funding for Schools:

Review and develop an understanding of the history and current method of Ohio’s school funding. In particular, SFAC the share of state versus local funding, how state funding impacts the need for levies, the affect of commercial areas (including Polaris), the impact of high versus low density housing and other significant areas. Using this information, develop a method for communicating the findings in a condensed manner to the district’s stakeholders.

Current Topics on School Funding:

Research, monitor and review legislative activity and to provide a pro and con list as to how Olentangy is affected. Provide a way to inform the district’s stakeholders. In particular, the committee should review the Tax and Expenditure limit, Impact Fees (HB 299), a bill to assist fast growing school districts with construction costs (HB 631) and any other applicable legislative activity.

Other Activities:

Discuss and consider other activities for the committee to pursue. If other activities are sought, seek board approval prior to perusal.

Approved by the Board of Education on August 22, 2006