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Portrait of a Learner


The four dispositions of Portrait of a Learner seek to tie together the mission, vision, and core values of the Olentangy community.   They are intended to guide our planning, influence the goals we set, and frame our interactions with one another.  Our staff, students, and community will seek to model, enable, and celebrate these learning dispositions along our journey together.

Three years ago, Olentangy Schools embarked on a journey to answer the question – “What do we want our students to be like as adults?”  Our community, teachers, and students partnered with us to chart the course. Their stories, beliefs, and dreams for the future helped us identify our destination.  The outcomes we identified proved that maximizing every student's learning is marked by more than acquiring knowledge, but also developing the key dispositions of a learner along the way.  When we aspire to be purposeful, resilient, curious, and kind, we can achieve more, we feel better, we care for those around us - we flourish.

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How will learners apply these Portrait of a Learner dispositions outside of Olentangy? Class cabinet members and accomplished graduates from the class of 2022 shared with us their post-graduate plans, and how the Portrait of a Learner dispositions will allow them to continue to be learners outside of Olentangy. Hear how they learned to be purposeful, resilient, curious, and kind, and how these lessons will aid them in achieving their future aspirations.


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Smiling teacher with text "Purposeful."
Student at desk writing with text "Resilient."
Smiling student with text "Curious."
Smiling teacher with text "Kind."



Target with arrow in center.

Learners know what matters to them. They are aware of what motivates them and have a clear sense of who they are. Their actions are intentional. 

Learners Will ...
  • Explore their interests and passions
  • Engage in authentic and relevant learning opportunities
  • Develop a network to nurture their interest
  • Create work for a specific audience



Mountain with flag on top.

Learners can bounce back from adversity. They create meaningful goals and understand that failure is part of the process. They see challenges as opportunities for growth. 

Learners Will ...
  • Fail and try again
  • Set goals outside of their comfort zone
  • Reflect on their weaknesses and make adjustments
  • Use strategies to effectively manage their behavior, emotions, and thinking



Magnifying glass with eye in center.

Learners seek solutions to problems. They ask questions. They utilize critical and  creative thinking to tackle challenging tasks. They are lifelong learners. 

Learners Will ...
  • Engage in and produce meaningful work
  • Be presented with complex problems
  • Evaluate a variety of solutions
  • Develop new ideas that impact the local, regional and global community



Three overlapping hearts.

Learners bring out the best in others. They respect different points of view and demonstrate empathy for people both inside and outside of their community. 

Learners Will ...
  • Explore diverse perspectives
  • Become increasingly open-minded
  • Solve problems alongside people who are different than themselves
  • Make decisions that benefit society as a whole


Portrait of a Learner Spotlight

Teacher, Grace Sowers, headshot
First page of the PDF file: ResilientslideALIFINAL_1
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First page of the PDF file: PurposefulslideCherylFINAL
First page of the PDF file: KINDslideAINSLEYFINAL
First page of the PDF file: PurposefulslideGambillFINAL
First page of the PDF file: KINDslidefisherFINAL
First page of the PDF file: ResilientslideANJALIFINAL
First page of the PDF file: CURIOUSslideJordanFINAL
First page of the PDF file: ResilientslideKEIRAHFINAL