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Growth comes from opportunity. Our students have access to an unparalleled wealth of academic, athletic, arts and performance programs designed to develop their personal interests and advance their individual learning and life experiences. Every student is encouraged to discover and follow their path.


Personal Achievement

We support a nurturing environment that inspires everyone at Olentangy Schools to flourish. We continually invest in professional development that enables all teachers and staff to perform at their highest levels, because as teachers grow, students grow. Together, we help each student succeed based on their individual skills and abilities



Strong schools are essential to community wellbeing. While the district’s geographic area is vast and its population is multiplying, community pride, support and commitment is resolute and focused. We are “One Olentangy,” and together we are paving the way for a successful future.



Hard work and dedication yields a sense of pride at Olentangy. We celebrate our victories, learn from our defeats and strive to make every opportunity count. Our mission is to facilitate maximum learning for every student. We do this by being thoughtful in our actions, resilient in our approach and kind in our demeanor. We appreciate knowing we are all an important part of a winning and dedicated team.

Smiling teacher leaning over to talk to seated students.


Olentangy students today are the leaders of tomorrow. We consider the needs of the whole child in pursuit of academic excellence, and strive to reduce non-academic barriers that can hinder achievement. Our rankings, test scores and graduation rates are among the best in the state and nation, and our graduates are prepared for the future.


Exceptional Value 

An investment in education is an investment in the future of the community, and we deliver a high return. We earn the support of our community by being financially responsible without sacrificing academic excellence. By being extremely efficient and deliberate about how we manage our funds, we’re able to deliver exceptional value