• Immunization Requirements

    View the Fall 2019 Immunization Requirements for Ohio Schools


    The state of Ohio dictates the immunization requirements for entrance into Olentangy Local Schools, according to grade level (Ohio Revised Code, Section 3313.671). See also Board Policy 5320


    If a parent has a philosophical/religious objection, or the student’s physician has a medical objection, the Immunization Exemption Form must be completed.


    Students must be in compliance with the law in order to be eligible for school attendance. Immunization records must be presented to the school within fourteen days of enrollment and it is the responsibility of the parent to provide the record. When transferring from another district, it is recommended that parents request a copy of the immunization record prior to leaving.


    In addition to the required immunizations, many physicians recommend other vaccines such as Hepatitis A, meningococcal, and the HPV vaccine. Although not required at the current time for school admission, the school nurses are more than willing to update your child’s record as these immunizations and other booster doses are given. It is often helpful to have all the immunizations recorded in one place when preparing camp and college forms.


    For more information see the Ohio Department of Health website.



    Olentangy Tuberculosis (TB) Guidelines

    Students new to the district and students with foreign travel of more than 90 consecutive days

    Any student born in a TB - endemic region or who has spent 90 or more consecutive days in a TB-endemic region within the past 5 years will be required by Olentangy Local Schools to present documentation of a negative tuberculosis test that was performed in the United States.  This documentation must be on file with the district before the student will be permitted to attend school.


    TB testing and immunizations can be obtained at the Delaware General Health District.

    Countries at High Risk for TB