• Growth and Development

    All Olentangy fourth and fifth grade students will be studying the subject of adolescent growth and development in accordance with board-approved health maps.


    Our fourth grade girls will attend a presentation by the school nurse designed to increase their understanding of the growth and development of the female body, including menstruation. The fourth grade boys will participate in a discussion about body hygiene and changes in puberty.


    Our fifth grade students will build on the knowledge gained in fourth grade and discuss growth and development further. Girls will be seeing the movie entitled “Always Changing-Girls” while the boys will be watching “Always Changing-Boys” in separate rooms. Following the movie all 5th grade students will view the 5th grade PowerPoint Presentation in separate rooms. The purpose of these classes is to familiarize the students with the bio-psycho-social changes that occur as a result of their impending maturity.


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