• English Language Learning (ELL)

    The ELL Program supports students whose primary language is not English. Our ELL Staff works with all elementary through high school students to improve and develop their English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, as well as to help them adapt to their new environment and academic courses. Our diverse student population includes students from 35 countries who speak a wide variety of languages. We are dedicated to preparing them to become independent and successful both in and out of the classroom.

    The ELL program is offered to students whose primary language is not English, who need help in moving from limited English proficient toward proficiency, both in the English language and in Ohio's academic standards. We are committed to helping these students transition into our district and achieve maximum learning. We want to provide a safe place for learning English and learning about our schools. We will teach each student the skills that they need to succeed. We hope to work with our students', parents and their teachers to help them meet their learning goals.


  • ELL  

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