Cost-Reduction Efforts

  • Greater Efficiencies, Budget Reductions and Historical Cost-Savings Information


    • As a result of its Energy Savings Initiative, the district has saved a total of $589,951.58 in energy-related expenses over the last fiscal year as compared to fiscal year 2013.
    • As a self-insured organization, the district has realized a savings of more than $230,000 in Workers' Compensation premiums and related expenses. Since becoming self-insured in 2009, the district has saved a total of $2,290,979.
    • A safety grant awarded to the district for security camera installation in the schools has saved $111,000.
    • The in-house installation of two domestic hot water boilers has saved the district $10,000.



    • During the summer months, a 10-hour, four-day workweek schedule has resulted in $282,752 in savings since 2011 by reducing utility and similar operating costs.
    • As part of a thorough review of new school-year classroom staffing levels, the district achieved savings of $780,877 by adjusting the new-hire process.


    • Reduced building budgets by 20 percent, resulting in a savings of approximately $350,000.
    • New negotiated agreements with the Olentangy Teachers Association and the district’s two classified unions will save more than $13 million over the three-year duration of these contracts. The majority of the savings is due to major changes in health insurance plans and a one-year step-increase freeze for teachers. (Members of the classified unions went through a step-increase freeze during the 2011-12 school year.)
    • Adjustments to staffing patterns at the middle-school and high-school levels will save $850,000.



Reduction Savings
Bring special program services on site 250,000
Eliminate random drug testing 180,000
Limit athletics transportation 80,000
*Reduce printing and postage costs 40,000
Eliminate MS athletic directors 140,000
*Reduce number of ES assistant principals 413,208
*Eliminate 4.5 central office administrators 354,805
Non-union classified wage/step freeze 200,000
Classified unions wage/step freeze 150,000
Reducing MS and HS teaching positions 1,000,000
Reducing office aide positions 81,806
Reducing literacy support positions 177,214
Total 3,147,033
  • * These reductions began during the 2010-11 school year, but 2011-12 school year marks the first year full savings will be realized.

    2010-11 School Year: $2,006,364

    • $1,300,000 in wage increase costs for the 2011-12 school year through a one-year negotiated contract extension with the Olentangy Teachers Association (OTA) that includes a zero percent base-salary increase.
    • $706,364 in wage increase costs for 2010-11 school year through one-year negotiated labor agreements with two of the district’s classified union groups.