District Diversity Committee

  • Mission  

    The ultimate charge of the District Diversity Committee is to make recommendations to the Superintendent that support the district’s mission and ensure that the diverse talents, skills and experiences of the school community are valued, respected and supported.


    • Create and maintain relationships with district families and community members
    • Inform membership of district initiatives and programming related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • Provide a space for families to share their experiences and feedback in order to inform programming
    • Submit recommendations to the superintendent that support the district and committee mission

    2018 Meeting Structure

    A central topic guides each meeting. Participants are typically asked to share their experiences related to the topic and then make recommendations to the superintendent for action. Previous topics include but are not limited to: sports and diversity, lgtbq+, military families, race, curriculum, and recruitment and retention of diverse staff. 

2018-19 Meeting Dates & Topics

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    To join the Diversity Committee, please email Heather Cole, District Diversity Coordinator at heather_cole@olsd.us

  • Contacts

    email Jacqueline Merkle
    Curriculum Supervisor of Equity and Inclusion
    (740) 657-5068

    email Heather Cole
    District Diversity Coordinator
    (740) 657-5052

    email Mikela Thomas
    K-12 District Diversity Chair
    (740) 657-3757