• Did you know your district has Parent Mentors?


    The Olentangy Local School Pupil Services Department has parents of children with special needs available to answer questions. Our goal is to help parents become effective partners in education by encouraging supportive parent/professional relationships.

    Mission: The mission of our Parent Mentors program is to provide support and resources to families of children with special needs and the professionals who serve them.

    2016-17 School Year

    • A Schoology group titled “Parents with Voices” is now available as a resource to share information. To join “Parents with Voices”, please send an email to Fran at fran_gardner@olsd.us or LeRae Nesbitt at lerae_nesbitt@olsd.us with your name and building name. We will then add you to our Schoology group.

    What is a Parent Mentor?

    A Parent Mentor is a free support provided by the district to parents of children with special needs or children who are suspected of having special needs. A Parent Mentor is the parent of a child with special needs who acts as a bridge between home and school to support meaningful collaboration.

    What does a Parent Mentor Do?

    Olentangy Local Schools’ Parent Mentors provide the following services for you and your family:

    • Provide information about special education programs (preschool, school age and transition into adult life) offered by Olentangy Local Schools.
    • Explain the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process and the parents’ role in the development of the IEP. They are familiar with the process; they’ve been through it.
    • Organize and conduct workshops, and support groups for parents and professionals.
    • Connect parents and professionals with community resources as well as the Parent Mentor Library, which includes print materials on a wide variety of topics, available for loan to parents and professionals.

    Who are our Parent Mentors?  

    Olentangy Local Schools has two Parent Mentors, Fran Gardner is available to assist all Preschool and Elementary families and LeRae Nesbitt is available to assist Middle School and High School families.


  • Contact

    email Fran Gardner
    Parent Mentor for Preschool & Elementary families

    phone-icon  Phone:  (614) 332-6868
    email LeRae Nesbitt
    Parent Mentor for Middle School & High School families
    phone-icon  Phone:  (614) 332-5269