• Olentangy Local Schools Transportation

    Field Trip Guidelines for educational and extra-curricular activities:

    • Field trip requests -must be turned in a minimum of 30 days prior to the trip. Only exceptions are for tournament play.
    • Drivers bid Primary trips per contract, the last Friday of each month; in general all trip requests are to be received by the transportation office for the succeeding month no later than the last Wednesday of each month to process.
    • Trips are awarded according to the drivers’ negotiated agreement and must be requested in writing in time to go through the bidding process. Trip bid meetings are the last working Friday of each month. The teacher, coach or advisor in charge is responsible for ALL FIELD TRIP FEES, including parking fees.

    Please familiarize and understand the Transportation Department timelines for field trips:

    • Trips requested before 8:00 a.m. on the last Friday of each month are included in the Drivers’ Primary Bid Meeting and are practically guaranteed of being assigned a bus and driver;
    • Trips requests added after the posting of the Primary Bid Trips and whose departure date is on or before the next date of the Primary Bid Meeting can usually be accommodated;
    • Trip requests received less than 24 hours before the requested departure time must be called out on the bus radios and subject to driver availability to accept the Emergency trip.
    • Please remember, we do the best we can to accommodate all trips but trips that are requested less than 30 days in advance could be denied.
    • Driver availability depends on circumstances such as how many trips are already scheduled and being covered on a particular day and time and if drivers are running regular routes. Typical routes run from 6:00-9:15 a.m. 2:00 – 4:15 p.m.

    All weekday trips during school hours - must depart at or after 9:15 a.m. and return to their home school by 2:00 p.m. unless special permission is obtained from the Transportation Supervisor of the Liberty compound, Amy Morgan or the Director of Transportation, Jodie Clark.

    “Return time” is the time your group is to be back at the place of origin—your building—Not the pick-up time for the return from the trip.

    Person in Charge of the Trip- there must be a contact number entered to reach a coach, teacher in charge the day of the trip while on the trip. This may require different entries on different trip tickets. We must be able to contact person in charge at all times while during the trip time.

    After School Trips departing prior to 4:15 p.m. are based on sub availability and SUBJECT TO LAST MINUTE CHANGES. Any trips that can be scheduled at 4:30 p.m. or later increases opportunity for driver availability.

    Changing Trip Times - when changing trip time after submission this must be done in writing via email to the Transportation Field Trip Secretary and always include compound supervisors as a precaution. It is encouraged to always follow up to make sure the change was received. Please make sure changes are done at least 24 hours or more in advance Monday through Friday.

      1. Intra District Field Trips - Teacher, Coach or Assistant coach must ride the bus on all trips, the athletic directors will communicate to all coaching staff, coaches are required to secure their own return transportation for trips and the driver is not responsible.
      2. All intra-district Freshman/middle school contests will require a transportation request for buses to and from events.
      3. All intra-district varsity/jv/freshman football/lacrosse events will always require a transportation request for buses to and from events.
      4. All other Varsity/JV sports will provide their own transportation unless traveling with a freshmen squad.
      5. All intra-district middle school, freshman, and varsity/jv sports traveling outside of the district will require transportation to and from each event unless you are notified otherwise. One (1) Bus will shuttle where applicable.

    Athletic Trip Departure Times: departure time should reflect travel time to the destination and allow for a 30 minute warm up time for the team.

    Example if event time is 5:30 p.m. and travel time is 30 minutes to the destination, the departure time of the trip is 4:30 p.m. To provide efficient service we expect our drivers to leave at the designated leave time on the trip ticket, teams are expected to be boarded, attendance completed and leave on time, and your cooperation is appreciated in helping drivers make this successful.

    Special Instructions - A request for student safety vests, seatbelts or wheelchairs must be on the original trip ticket so the bus can be appropriately and safely equipped prior to the requested departure time. Last minute requests will contribute to the delay of the trip.

    Chaperones -All field trips shall be supervised by adults from the sponsoring organization. Any time students are on the vehicle, at least one (1) sponsor or chaperone is expected to ride in the vehicle on all district and intra-district trips as well as to supervise students upon return to the district and while they are waiting for rides home. Ref: O.A.C. 3301-83-16

    Responsibilities - After reaching the destination, the driver is responsible only for the security of the bus, not the personal contents left on the bus or for supervising students after reaching the destination or prior to boarding the bus for the return trip. These responsibilities are those of the teacher, coach, or chaperone of the sponsoring organization. (continued on back)

    All students are to ride the approved vehicle to and from each activity. A special request must be made to the staff member or sponsored by the parent, in writing or in person, to allow an exception.

    Unauthorized Riders -District students not affiliated with the trip activity, employee children, non-district students, and/or children of preschool age shall not be permitted to ride on the trip vehicle in accordance with 3301-83-17 of the Ohio Pupil Transportation Administrative Code.

    No student is allowed to drive on any trip. An exception may be made by the principal on an individual basis provided the student’s parent(s) provides written authorization and release from liability.

    No transportation will be provided outside of Central Ohio without prior approval of the Superintendent of designee.

    Students shall obey all the bus rules for field trips as they do for regular bus routes.

    Eating/Drinking on the Bus-There will be no eating or drinking on the bus. Students and coaches must consume all food and drink before they board or re-board the bus. This rule is direct from Ohio law. We have no choice but to comply. Please plan accordingly so no food or drink is brought onto the bus.

    • Teachers or coaches please help us by setting the example and know that this could cause delay of your trip leaving or returning. Drivers are requested report incidents to their supervisor and/or director.

    Meal stops -must be on the original field trip request and be noted on the driver’s field trip permit. A bus driver will not make an unapproved meal stop. Authorization must be done prior to the date of the trip. No exceptions

    Cleats - may not be worn on the bus, they damage the flooring.

    Teachers, coaches, or chaperones are responsible for maintaining discipline on the bus. If the teachers, coaches, or chaperones are not doing so, the bus driver is expected to step into that role when necessary.

    Equipment Storage- State Law requires any and all equipment taken on the bus must be securely stored and clear of the aisle.

    Weekend Trips -On weekend trips, coaches and advisors need to call the driver directly if the trip has been cancelled. Coaches and advisors are responsible to utilize the trip list provided to ascertain who is driving their trip. Please make sure you have a list by Friday afternoon.

    Cleanliness -All buses should be returned in the same condition than when they departed for the field trip. Upon return from the field trip and prior to dismissing the students or athletes, it is encouraged that the driver, teachers, coaches or chaperones in charge will walk the bus to check its cleanliness. If its cleanliness is unsatisfactory, the person in charge will ask the students or athletes to restore the bus to its original state before dismissing them.


    Should you have any questions please feel free to contact our office or refer to related Board Policy.


    Jodie Clark, Director of Transportation

    Mike Miller, Supervisor Berkshire Compound

    Amy Morgan, Supervisor, Liberty Compound

    Stacie Phillips, Field Trip Secretary Liberty Compound