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  • Art Department Staff
    email  Alison Echelberry
    -Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education - Ashland University
    -Master of Education Degree - Ashland University
    *Currently teaching Art 1, Ceramics, Jewelry & Metals

    email  Stephanie Forney
    -Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and Art Education - Bowling Green State University
    -Master of Education in Educational Technology Management - Tiffin University 
    *Currently teaching Modeling and Animation, Digital Art & Design, Art 1
    email  Katie Kikta
    -Bachelor of Art Education - The Ohio State University
    -Masters of Art Education - The Ohio State University
    *Currently Teaching AP Art History, Photography, Art 1

    *email  Briana Kindberg
     -Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
    -Master of Education Degree - Ashland University 
    *Currently teaching Art 1, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
    email  Susan Strohl
    -Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree - University of Toledo
    -Masters of Visual Communication Degree- The Ohio State University
    -Certification in Art Education- The Ohio State University
    *Currently teaching Ceramics, Photography
    email  Gloria Binkley
    - Bachelor of Science in Art Education - Baldwin Wallace University
    *Currently teaching Art 1, Photography, Adapted Art