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    Q:  I don’t understand the math that concludes that Liberty HS attendance continues to grow while the Liberty elementary schools and middle schools attendance decreases. Where are these HS students coming from?
    A: The chart below illustrates historical K-12 enrollment by grade by year for all OLSD students residing within the current Liberty High School attendance boundary.  Numbers shaded in red indicate relative high enrollment and numbers in blue indicate relative low enrollment.
    Historical K-12 Enrollment
    During the 2014-15 school year, the kindergarten class within the LHS boundary was the smallest kindergarten class (352) of the last 10 years.  The 5th grade was the largest class at 594 students, and was also the largest kindergarten class of the last 10 years of enrollment (471 students in 2009-10). This illustrates very clearly the bubble of high enrollment that is occurring in this area.  As the large classes like the 5th grade continue to move upwards in the system and smaller classes continue to enter at kindergarten, high school enrollment will increase as elementary and middle school enrollments decrease due to the smaller classes coming in.
    This second chart is another way to compare the grades at different grade levels historically.  Elementary grades are colored in green middle school in orange, and high school in purple. 
    Grade Profile by Year