Individual Professional Development Plan

    How do I submit?


    Make and keep copies of the paperwork you submit.


    When do I need to submit it?

    Once you’ve received your new license, you must have an IPDP on file by November 30 of the same year.


    Issue date of license = July 1, 2019

    Due date of IPDP = November 30, 2019


    New Staff:

    • Transfer from another district
    • Multiple Certificates
      • Make your plan general enough to cover all certificates/licenses in one IPDP


    What does an approved IPDP include?

    Three to five measurable goals that address:

    • Student achievement
    • Your buildings’ goal
    • The District Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP)
      • Activities that relate to the goals and are measurable



    To download forms and check individual certification, please visit the ODE website at

    Complete your IPDP online with MyPDC