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Indoor Organic Garden Begins with OEF Grant

The weather outside might be frightful, but the aquaponics and fish in our library are delightful!


Through the thanks of an Olentangy Education Foundation (OEF) grant, Tyler Run was able to establish an indoor organic garden as an offshoot of its outdoor greenhouse and garden.


Aquaponics is the science of raising vegetables and fish in a closed re-circulating system-essentially the marriage of a fish farm and hydroponics.  In this type of system, the water is cycled between a fish tank and the grow area (on top), where the fish waste provides nutrients for plants and in turn, the water is filtered for the fish.  It is a biologically efficient and organic system.


The benefits of creating this type of environment:  

1) a 90 % reduction in water use compared to regular growing.  

2) 97% less water use than conventional hydroponic systems.

3) It is soil-less and requires less resources and space.

4) Organic products that do not use pesticides, herbicides or added fertilizer.


Right now the fish are doing their job!  In another just about 3-4 weeks we've had this much plant growth.


Students have used the tank as a teacher reward, brain break, to measure plant growth and to measure ammonia and PH levels, not to mention the abundance of vegetation!
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