Student Services

Olentangy Liberty High School Student Services offers a variety of services for our community.

Five academic guidance counselors, Mrs. Anglea Rafey (A–De), Mr. Ron Waterwash (Df– I), Mrs. Jenna Purlee (J-M),  Ms. Mary Marvel (N–Se) and Mrs. Bobbie Sisko (Sf–Z), provide academic counseling, including assistance with course scheduling, college selection and planning, academic assistance, and more. These counselors are also available to assist students with social and emotional needs.

Mrs. Carlene Medieros and Mrs. Cyndie Salupo manage the school clinic. Both are available to help students with emergency medical needs, ongoing medical issues, and to provide support and education for health related issues.

Our Student Services secretaries, Mrs. Beth Hartshorn and Mrs. Vickie Pickett are available to assist students and parents with a number of tasks, including registering for college placement tests (SAT, ACT, etc.), requesting high school transcripts, processing student fee payments, and using a variety of available college and career resources.

One Attendance secretary, Mrs. Bonny Kociecki, is also available in the Attendance office to assist students with daily attendance, homework collection in the event of extended absences, college visits, and other classroom attendance related issues.

A number of resources are provided on this web site and are updated regularly. Please contact (740) 657-4215 for assistance with any Student Services function.

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