Interact Service Club Forms and Documents

Membership Information and Requirements


The purpose of the OLHS Interact Service Club is to help members develop character, responsibility, and the skills necessary to become productive, contributing citizens by providing opportunities for members to help those in need in our school, community and internationally.


All OLHS students are eligible for membership to the Interact Service Club. Official membership is determined both by the hours of active service and by the member’s reliability in attendance at those Interact Service Club events in which the member participates.

Membership Requirements

  1. Members will earn club privileges based on their level of involvement in Interact Service Club activities:
    Level of Membership Minimum Number of Events Required Volunteer Hours Privileges
    PLATINUM 3 61+ Attend annual banquet, run for club office, vote for club officers
    GOLD 2 41-60 Attend annual banquet,run for club office, vote for club officers
    SILVER 1 20-40 Vote for club officers
    BASIC 0 10-19 None

    Opportunities for service will be abundant. Members can earn hours by finding opportunities on the Interact Service Club Bulletin Board or from those activities pre-approved as Interact Service Club activities or events. Members are responsible for entering their hours online (see directions for Online Hour Tracking), and then submitting Interact Service Club Verification Sheets (completed in full) to the OLHS office.

  2. Members must pay $10 annual dues, and an additional one-time $5 fee for the purchase of an Interact Service Club T-shirt, which is to be worn at any Interact Service Club activity.
  3. Members must complete those service activities they sign up for in full. Failure to do so will be logged as a “no-show” on the member’s Service Hours Log. Repeated “no-shows” (including leaving early or arriving late to service opportunities) will result in dismissal from Interact Service Club.
  4. Interact Service Club hours will be awarded for those pre-approved activities (posted on the Interact Service Club Board) that are above and beyond participation in any other school function, class, club, sport, or activity. Service to these other organizations are valuable, but do not count toward Interact Service Club membership hours.
  5. Members will attend Interact Service Club meetings as required. Meetings will be announced on the school announcements and distributed through member emails and Facebook, and will only be required when necessary.
  6. Members will abide by the regulations of the Olentangy Liberty High School Code of Conduct during each Interact Service Club activity.

OLHS Interact Service Club members can now sign up to receive text and email alerts about the club. Simply add the phone number (740) 251-4842, or email address into your contacts as OLHS Service Club.

For more information, contact the adviser at