Superstars Serve Up Healthy Reminder

In recognition of National School Breakfast Week, students at Arrowhead and Oak Creek elementary schools were reminded of the importance of eating a nutritious breakfast. The reminder came in the form of  “Superstar Servers” — community role models invited to the schools to serve breakfast to students and help reinforce the need to eat a healthy, balanced breakfast every day.

The Superstar Servers included City of Columbus SWAT team members Sgt. Ron Jacobs and Officer Sprague; Dr. Heather Grunkemeyer, a professor of Chemistry at Ohio Wesleyan University; City of Dublin Canine Unit Officer Eric Cocrhun and his four-legged partner Barrie; and the Otterbein University Women’s Soccer Team.

National School Breakfast Week was held March 3-7. Seven of the Olentangy Local School District’s 15 elementary schools participate in the breakfast program. Every secondary school offers breakfast daily.



OLHS DECA Students Raise, Donate More Than $17K

Continuing its tradition of philanthropy, Olentangy Liberty High School DECA on March 4 presented checks totaling more than $17,650 to four area charitable organizations.DECA DONATION

The DECA marketing students raised $10,310 for the American Heart Association, $3,325 for Honor Flight Columbus, $2,019 for the Ronald McDonald House, and $2,001 for the Wounded Warrior Project. Representatives with each organization were on hand to accept the funds and thank the students.

Honor Flight is a national group begun in 2005 that celebrates veterans by giving them a free opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. to visit the national war memorials built in their honor. Olentangy Liberty High School (OLHS) DECA has donated more than $43,000 since 2008 to help sponsor flights for the veterans. The Wounded Warrior Project is a charity dedicated to raising awareness of the needs of injured servicemen and women.DECA has donated more than $8,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project.

DECAUnder the direction of OLHS DECA adviser/Marketing teacher Mike Rees, the funds were raised by the students using various marketing plans, including shirt sales and a “red-out for heart” football game. OLHS DECA students and staff previously received recognition from Congressman Pat Tiberi, Governor John Kasich and United States Senators Portman and  Brown thanking them for their support of Honor Flight and the Wounded Warrior Project.

OLSD Students Named to National Children’s Choir

Three Olentangy students have been selected to participate in the 2014 Organization of American Kodaly Educators (OAKE) National Children’s Choir. They are: Jenna, a fourth-grader at Cheshire Elementary School (CES), and member of the Lancaster-Fairfield Youth Choir; Rhea, a fourth-grader at Liberty Tree Elementary School (LTES), and member of the Columbus Children’s Choir; and Lola, a fifth-grader at Scioto Ridge Elementary School (SRES), also a member of the Columbus Children’s Choir. The three will join over 450 talented students from across the United States for four days of rehearsals under nationally renown conductors in Atlanta, Georgia. The event will culminate in a concert at the Atlanta Symphony Hall on March 22, 2014.

Kodaly is a philosophy of music education that seeks to preserve the musical heritage through universal music literacy and lifelong music-making. Several Olentangy music teachers hold certification in this philosophy.


Berkshire Students Capture Imaginations at Regional History Competition

Visit the Olentangy Facebook to view pictures from the event. [Courtesy of  Berkshire MS / @OBMSsentinels ]

Visit the Olentangy Facebook Page to view pictures from the Regional 2014 Ohio History Day event. [ Photos Courtesy of Berkshire MS / @OBMSsentinels ]

The creativity of the student-researchers of Berkshire Middle School captured the imagination of many during a recent six-county, regional Ohio History Day competition on the campus of Capital University. The event is part of a larger National History Day competition.

Each year, students throughout the country conduct research based on an annual national theme and create historical papers, original performances, documentaries, creative exhibits and imaginative websites based on their research. This year’s theme was “Rights and Responsibilities in History.”  The theme is designed to be broad and open to interpretation to give students the opportunity to explore any topic of interest, whether it was science, politics, the arts, or education.

The Berkshire Middle School projects are listed below. [NOTE: projects are listed in no particular order, with the student’s name(s) first. Click HERE to view photos of the Berkshire Middle School students' projects]:

  • Madeline R. | Effects of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
  • Kelsey S. | Blaze of Change /The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, New York City, March 25, 1911
  • Grace W. | Ku Klux Klan: The Burden of the First Amendment
  • Kathryn S. | All Men Created Equal? / Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage
  • Tyler K. | The Olympians Who Stood Tall: Story of the Black Power Salute
  • Maddie G. | The Vietnam War: Could it Have Been Avoided?
  • Claire H. | Women at War With the Working World: The Story of World War II’s Rosie the Riveters
  • Rachel D. | Nannie H. Burroughs (May 2, 1878 – May 20, 1961), an African-American educator, orator, religious leader, civil rights activist, feminist and businesswoman in the United States
  • Molly C. and Sakthi S. | The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, New York City, March 25, 1911
  • Lindsay S. & Ashley M.  | The Monuments Men: The Responsibility to Preserve & Protect
  • Josh M. & Cole C.  | Jackie Robinson: Right to Shred the Color Barrier
  • Peter F. | The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens in the Roman Republic
  • Kendall B. and Cassidy R. | The Greensboro Sit-In: A Counter Revolution
  • Rachel N. and Megan P. | Love is Color-Blind – Richard and Mildred Loving vs. Virginia, 388 U.S. 1 (1967), a landmark civil rights decision of the United States Supreme Court invalidated laws prohibiting interracial marriage.
  • Matt M. and Nate E. | Emmett Till: A Murder That Started a Movement

In preparing their projects, students were to consider the following:

  • What are rights?
  • Are responsibilities always attached to rights?
  • Are there times when rights protect some while disenfranchising others—and is that fair?
  • Are there economic rights?
  • Are civil rights upheld at the same level for everyone in the United States?
  • What are our rights as global citizens?
  • And what about animal rights—do humans bear responsibility for non-humans?

The students were also to be prepared to answer judges’ questions about their project’s significance with regard to time and place, cause and effect, change over time, as well as impact and significance.

The National History Day [in Ohio] contests are divided into three tiers: District (regional), State, and National. Soon, students participating in this regional competition, including Berkshire, will learn if they’re eligible to participate in the upcoming Ohio History Day state-wide competition Saturday April 26, 2014. The top two from the state-wide competition will move on to the National History Day event, June 15-19, 2014 at the University of Maryland in College Park. This regional-level event was coordinated by the Ohio Historical Society and held February 28, 2014, at Capital University.

Welcome to Medieval Times at Orange Middle School

No Eckō Unlimited, Nike, Gap or Rocawear here!

No Eckō Unlimited, Nike, Gap or Rocawear here!

Friday, February 28, 2014, the trappings of modern society at Orange Middle School gave way as the school transformed into a time capsule of 12th to 15th-century medieval intellectual renaissance. More than 300 seventh-grade students traded their Nike™ athletic wear, Gap™ or Rocawear™ fashions for period clothing of the nobility, the clergy, the peasantry, the guilds, and of course knights.

Lunch? A Medieval banquet! No word if it was the traditional cuisine of a kid goat, two goslings, twelve chickens, as many pigeons, six rabbits, two herons, a leveret, a side of egg yolks sprinkled with spice, a wild boar, and sugar wafers to top it

Photos Courtesy of @WeezeyBlazer11/Will Farmer

...two herons, a leveret, a side of egg yolks .

Lunch? Nope. It’s a Medieval banquet.