Calamity Day Policy

Olentangy will again use online lessons to make up for lost instruction when schools are closed due to a calamity day. The state provides districts up to five calamity days that do not have to be made up. If schools are closed for more than five days, the additional days must be made up.

While the traditional method has been to add school days to the calendar in the spring, Olentangy students will be able to avoid this by utilizing online lessons. Olentangy teachers prepare, and regularly update, three days worth of online lessons for students.  If school is cancelled for a sixth day, the first set of lessons will be released to students electronically via the school website. The same would happen on the seventh and eighth calamity days of a school year.

We received feedback following last year’s online lessons and have improved the process. Below are additional details about the 2014-15 calamity day plan.

The Content of the Lesson Plans:

The content of these online lessons may be an introduction to an upcoming topic, enrichment exercises, or an extension of current classroom lessons.


Families will be directed to download the appropriate online assignments from the district’s website at

Due Date for the Online Lessons:

Upon returning to school, students will have two weeks to complete the lessons. Students without access to the Internet will have the opportunity to complete the lessons before, during, or after school.

The Grading of Assignments:

Olentangy teachers will grade the online lessons in the same manner as other classroom lessons. Students who do not complete the online lessons will be counted as absent for the respective calamity day.

2015 Graduation Day Set for Sunday, May 17

The Olentangy Local School District’s 2014-2015 Graduation Day will be held SUNDAY, May 17, 2015 at the Ohio Expo Center. The move to Sunday is necessary to eliminate scheduling conflicts with extracurricular activities taking place that weekend.

Change in Spring Break Dates for 2015

The Olentangy Local School District’s originally scheduled spring break dates for 2015 have been changed from March 16-20 to March 30-April 3 due to state graduation testing.

The change was made by the Olentangy Board of Education during its April 10 meeting and was necessitated by a state decision to maintain the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) in 2015. The state had originally advised that a new graduation test was to be developed for 2015 and that it would be administered closer to the end of the school year. However, because of disagreements among lawmakers and the Ohio Department of Education, the new test has yet to be developed. As a result, the Ohio Department of Education has recently advised that it will continue to use the current OGT test during the same testing period, which will be March 16-20. The test involves every sophomore as well as any junior or senior who still needs to pass the test or a portion of it.

In order to provide high school students with time to prepare for the test, Olentangy’s BOE determined that it is in the best interest of the students to move spring break to the same week as this year, which will be March 30- April 3. The change was approved by a 5-0 vote.

Along with the OGT, Olentangy will administer Terra Nova tests to the appropriate elementary and middle school grades during the week of March 16-20, 2015.

Due to the change in spring break dates, the last day of school in 2015 has been moved from Friday, May 22 to Thursday, May 21.

Calamity Day Reminder

The January 26th school closure marks Olentangy’s fourth calamity day of this school year. As a reminder, should the district use more than five calamity days, students will be required to complete online Blizzard Bag assignments beginning with the sixth calamity day. Should it become necessary, students should follow these directions to access the online assignments.

School Closed

Due to the inclement weather, Olentangy Local Schools will be CLOSED today, Monday, January 26, 2015.

Calamity-day Phone Notification System

Phone Notifications

We’ve become aware of an issue with the calamity-day phone notification system. We’re working to determine the cause and to develop a solution.  Please note that today, January 12, the district issued a two-hour delay of the start of school. If you have recently received this call, it is not for an early dismissal. We will keep you aware of our updates in resolving this issue.


If you have subscribed to an Olentangy email list(s) and are not receiving such notices, or general news from your school, please send us a message with your name, contact number, the requested school list(s) and the email you want us to use to:

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