One Community Conference At Orange High School Sept. 6

The Olentangy Local School District will host a one-day conference from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Sept. 6 at Orange High School.  We will discuss how to build a community of respect and empathy through cultural awareness, sensitivity and understanding. The conference will provide tools and strategies to ensure equity and inclusion for all students and the community through engaging workshops and discussions. The conference is geared toward teachers, administrators, parents, community members, and students in grades 9-12. Attendance is free and will include keynote speakers such as educator Michael Rosen, author of more than 100 books, professors from Otterbein, Ohio State and Sioux Falls universities, and presentations from parents and students. For more information, see our website here, then go to this link to register.  
Hurry!  Registration ends Monday, September 1 at 11:59 p.m.

Notice of disruption of service: Online fee payments

Online Payment AvailabilityWe have become aware that parents are not able to pay fees online with the exception of food service through SPS ezPay.  We are working with our third-party vendors that provide this service to remedy this situation.  We apologize for any inconveniences and hope to have services restored as soon as possible.  We will send out a notification when the vendors have resolved the issues and are prepared to process online payments again.

Thank you for your patience while we work through these issues. As always, payments for outstanding fees can be paid by check at your respective building.

2015 Graduation Day Set for Sunday, May 17

The Olentangy Local School District’s 2014-2015 Graduation Day will be held SUNDAY, May 17, 2015 at the Ohio Expo Center. The move to Sunday is necessary to eliminate scheduling conflicts with extracurricular activities taking place that weekend.

Change in Spring Break Dates for 2015

The Olentangy Local School District’s originally scheduled spring break dates for 2015 has been changed from March 16-20 to March 30-April 3 due to state graduation testing.

The change was made by the Olentangy Board of Education during its April 10 meeting and was necessitated by a state decision to maintain the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) in 2015. The state had originally advised that a new graduation test was to be developed for 2015 and that it would be administered closer to the end of the school year. However, because of disagreements among lawmakers and the Ohio Department of Education, the new test has yet to be developed. As a result, the Ohio Department of Development has recently advised that it will continue to use the current OGT test during the same testing period, which will be March 16-20. The test involves every sophomore as well as any junior or senior who still needs to pass the test or a portion of it.

In order to provide high school students with time to prepare for the test, the Board determined that it is in the best interest of the students to move spring break to the same week as this year, which will be March 30- April 3. The change was approved by a 5-0 vote.

Along with the OGT, Olentangy will administer Terra Nova tests in the appropriate elementary and middle school grades during the week of March 16-20, 2015.

Due to the change in spring break dates, the last day of school in 2015 has been moved from Friday, May 22 to Thursday, May 21.

Olentangy Students Earn Perfect Scores

The Olentangy Local School district is proud to announce that 153 Olentangy students earned perfect scores on one or more sections of the Spring Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA). Fifty students scored perfect on the math portion of the test, 107 scored perfect on the reading test, and three on the science test. Many of the 153 students earned a perfect score in more than one subject area.
This year, on the Spring Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA), 153 Olentangy students earned perfect scores on one or more sections. Fifty students scored perfect on the Math test, 107 on the Reading test, and three students earned a perfect score on the Science test. **See the list of students below:

  • Will Biggins ACES 3 Math
  • Aidan Bugayong ACES 3 Math
  • Karun Gopal ACES 3 Math
  • Dheeraj Gosula ACES 3 Math
  • Olivia Troxell CES 3 Math
  • Luke Border FTES 3 Math
  • Elizabeth Gruen FTES 3 Math
  • Matthew Scovic GOES 3 Math
  • Kaivalya Gupta HES 3 Math
  • Ali Hussein ISES 3 Math
  • Andrew Vermeer OCES 3 Math
  • Nixon Smith OMES 3 Math
  • Reed Kroeger SRES 3 Math
  • Felicia Park SRES 3 Math
  • Jacob Rygielski SRES 3 Math
  • David Cruise TRES 3 Math
  • Roland Tokarski TRES 3 Math
  • Noah Yanich WRES 3 Math
  • Mindy Condon ACES 3 Reading
  • Srikruthi Godavarthi ACES 3 Reading
  • Sai Kancharla ACES 3 Reading
  • Advik Marini ACES 3 Reading
  • Ashley Sideri ACES 3 Reading
  • Abigail Kezele AES 3 Reading
  • Ethan Koons AES 3 Reading
  • Gwendolyn Laber AES 3 Reading
  • Jack Steele AES 3 Reading
  • Emily Bush CES 3 Reading
  • Justin Henry CES 3 Reading
  • Logan Jones CES 3 Reading
  • Zoe Mattox CES 3 Reading
  • Carys Moore CES 3 Reading
  • Lauren Nahay CES 3 Reading
  • Bailey Allender FTES 3 Reading
  • Aryan Bommena FTES 3 Reading
  • Kayla Delmore FTES 3 Reading
  • Raeann Hedrick FTES 3 Reading
  • Jillian Hickman FTES 3 Reading
  • Jadia Kershaw FTES 3 Reading
  • Grace Luo FTES 3 Reading
  • Emily M. FTES 3 Reading
  • Eleni Rores FTES 3 Reading
  • Sonika Manakikar GOES 3 Reading
  • Luke Mercer GOES 3 Reading
  • Niharika Talele GOES 3 Reading
  • Jacob Thornton GOES 3 Reading
  • Elizabeth Weinberger GOES 3 Reading
  • Lucille Altieri HES 3 Reading
  • Kya Angle HES 3 Reading
  • Alissa Luchianova HES 3 Reading
  • Evan Waldo HES 3 Reading
  • Mia Kuharcik ISES 3 Reading
  • Aiden Milton ISES 3 Reading
  • Sadie Mittendorf ISES 3 Reading
  • Deven Philip ISES 3 Reading
  • Taylor Sessanna ISES 3 Reading
  • Ian Stanton ISES 3 Reading
  • Adrien Zhong ISES 3 Reading
  • Olivia Bauknecht JCES 3 Reading
  • Marin Curry JCES 3 Reading
  • Jack Delligatti JCES 3 Reading
  • Garrett Farver JCES 3 Reading
  • Ava Harl JCES 3 Reading
  • Aiden Miller JCES 3 Reading
  • Samantha Price JCES 3 Reading
  • Katherine Reinard JCES 3 Reading
  • Charlie Wagner JCES 3 Reading
  • Madison Harper LTES 3 Reading
  • Shreya Arunkumar OCES 3 Reading
  • Kali Jodrey OMES 3 Reading
  • Saisree Kona OMES 3 Reading
  • Carson Smith OMES 3 Reading
  • Gauri J. SRES 3 Reading
  • Porter Martin SRES 3 Reading
  • Claire Mrukowski SRES 3 Reading
  • Daniel Sanchez SRES 3 Reading
  • Jack Van Riper SRES 3 Reading
  • Ava Brenneman TRES 3 Reading
  • Jonah Brinkman TRES 3 Reading
  • Kathryn Dockery TRES 3 Reading
  • Esha Ghadi TRES 3 Reading
  • Madison Huret TRES 3 Reading
  • Ryan Jackman TRES 3 Reading
  • Eleanor Mohler TRES 3 Reading
  • Shlok Srikant TRES 3 Reading
  • Weston Waterstreet TRES 3 Reading
  • Quinn Barber WCES 3 Reading
  • Leila Glass WCES 3 Reading
  • Lauren Rudek WRES 3 Reading
  • Jerry Wang* FTES 3 Reading & Math
  • Colin Graham* HES 3 Reading & Math
  • Nathan Fifield* TRES 3 Reading & Math
  • Luke Woolard* WCES 3 Reading & Math
  • Andrew Yuschak FTES 4 Math
  • Rishika Gorai GOES 4 Math
  • Wyatt Bednar JCES 4 Math
  • Jessica Lilko SRES 4 Math
  • Leah Smith ACES 4 Reading
  • Sydney Shultz CES 4 Reading
  • Jennifer Kabealo FTES 4 Reading
  • Tanner Martin FTES 4 Reading
  • Alexander Shinn FTES 4 Reading
  • Tyler Zinn FTES 4 Reading
  • Alexander Smith ISES 4 Reading
  • Lacy Thompson LTES 4 Reading
  • Danielle Potts OCES 4 Reading
  • Sarah Boone OMES 4 Reading
  • Dilan Saucedo Lopez SRES 4 Reading
  • Dean Stack SRES 4 Reading
  • Hanna Wallace SRES 4 Reading
  • Connor Ingram TRES 4 Reading
  • Connor Churan WCES 4 Reading
  • Krish Patel WCES 4 Reading
  • Audrey Piero SRES 5 Reading
  • Grace Bezold OBMS 6 Math
  • Andrew Fate-Bolognone OBMS 6 Math
  • Sarah Latzke OHMS 6 Math
  • Brian Pang OLMS 6 Math
  • Christopher Johnson OHMS 6 Reading
  • Emily Rogers OOMS 6 Reading
  • Tyler McMaster OBMS 7 Math
  • Mackenzie Scott OBMS 7 Math
  • Pranjal Suri OBMS 7 Math
  • Schuyler Alexander OHMS 7 Math
  • Karen Chu OHMS 7 Math
  • John Galloway OLMS 7 Math
  • Mitchell Kershner OLMS 7 Math
  • Kelly Rothert OOMS 7 Math
  • Alex Wing OOMS 7 Math
  • Christian Bova OSMS 7 Math
  • Sonam Rustagi OHMS 7 Reading
  • Delaney Smith OHMS 7 Reading
  • Saarthak Gaur OHMS 8 Math
  • Alexander Miller OHMS 8 Math
  • Natalie Amodeo OLMS 8 Math
  • Nicolas Knowlton OLMS 8 Math
  • Melissa Pleasnick OOMS 8 Math
  • Asreeta Ushasri OSMS 8 Math
  • Erin Barr OBMS 8 Reading
  • Claire Jones OBMS 8 Reading
  • Abilasha Kandalu OBMS 8 Reading
  • Sarah Colvin OHMS 8 Reading
  • Maia Kropp OHMS 8 Reading
  • Cole Paluch OHMS 8 Reading
  • Emma Storer OOMS 8 Reading
  • Ella Mills OSMS 8 Reading
  • Alexis Baumeyer* OBMS 8 Reading & Math
  • Kelly Lawrence* OBMS 8 Reading & Math
  • Lindsay Borger* OOMS 8 Reading & Math
  • Luke Caskey OHMS 8 Science
  • Michael Monago OOMS 8 Science
  • Namrata Kantamneni OSMS 8 Science

*These students earned a perfect score in more than one subject area

**The parents of these students have been notified and gave permission for us to identify them in press releases or other public notifications.

How To Help Your Child Be The Best They Can Be

The Parent Programs Team (PPT) invites the community to a special public forum to be held at 7 p.m. September 9 at Liberty High School, 3584 Home Road. The forum will feature special guest speaker           MiMike-Nerneychael Nerney, a youth risk behavior expert. Nerney will use his extensive knowledge about the adolescent brain to offer insight into how parents can help their children be their best. Nerney will discuss different parenting styles, understanding social and emotional development, as well as methods to help raise a child with empathy and a sense of responsibility toward others. The 90-minute presentation is free and free babysitting will be available.

Nerney is a consultant in Substance Abuse Prevention and Education with more than 34 years of experience in the field. He is the former Director of the Training Institute of Narcotic and Drug Research, Inc. (NDRI). Mr. Nerney is an internationally known lecturer and has served as a consultant to a number of federal and state agencies as well as two major television networks. He began his career as a teacher and coach. He is the father of four children. 

PPT’s mission is to empower parents with information ans skills critical to raising children in today’s world. The committee provides information through evening parent forums featuring experts in areas relevant to raising children. PPT is a collaborative group of district staff, community members and parents like you!

Preschool Transportation Information

Preschool bus transportation 2014-2015:  Go to Administrative Departments tab on the front page of the Olentangy Local Schools website. Click on Transportation. Click on 2014-15 Bus Route Information – Updated regularly!  Scroll down to preschool and click on your child’s school.