Olentangy High School

675 Lewis Center Road | Lewis Center, OH 43035 | P (740) 657-4100 | F (740) 657-4199

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Last Name First Name Email Address School Name Department Name Team Number Grade Level Subject Area
Alexander Dominique dominique_alexander@olsd.us Olentangy High Health/Physical Ed Health/Physical Ed
Bates Jason jason_bates@olsd.us Olentangy High Administration Administration
Beck Michelle michelle_beck@olsd.us Olentangy High Performing Arts Performing Arts
Beggrow Anthony anthony_beggrow@olsd.us Olentangy High Intervention Intervention
Binkley Chris chris_binkley@olsd.us Olentangy High Social Studies Social Studies
Brun Ian ian_brun@olsd.us Olentangy High Performing Arts Performing Arts
Burgraf Jennifer jennifer_burggraf@olsd.us Olentangy High ELL ELL
Butler Sarah sarah_butler@olsd.us Olentangy High Art Art
Cellar Joseph joseph_cellar@olsd.us Olentangy High Social Studies Social Studies
Centa Erin Erin_Centa@olsd.us Olentangy High Language Arts Language Arts
Christ Patricia patricia_christ@olsd.us Olentangy High Library/Media Center Aide Library/Media Center Aide
Conley Micah micah_conley@olsd.us Olentangy High Language Arts Language Arts
Cornett James jim_cornett@olsd.us Olentangy High Industrial Technology Industrial Technology
Corson Amy amy_corson@olsd.us Olentangy High Administration Attendance Aide
Crosbie Martin martin_crosbie@olsd.us Olentangy High Custodial Custodial
d'Amato Roland roland_damato@olsd.us Olentangy High Mathematics Mathematics
Daragona Lisa lisa_daragona@olsd.us Olentangy High Athletics Athletics
DeLuca Carla carla_deluca@olsd.us Olentangy High Attendance Attendance
Doyle Jr Michael michael_doyle@olsd.us Olentangy High Performing Arts Performing Arts
Edwards Rhainy rhainy_edwards@olsd.us Olentangy High Art Art
Effler Julie julie_effler@olsd.us Olentangy High Science Science
Ehrhardt Marc marc_ehrhardt@olsd.us Olentangy High Science Science
Fairbanks Nancy nancy_fairbanks@olsd.us Olentangy High Science Science
Feasel John john_feasel@olsd.us Olentangy High Intervention Intervention
Fisher Brent brent_fisher@olsd.us Olentangy High Mathematics Mathematics