Students Embrace Diversity Work

By Todd Corley, chairperson of the Olentangy Diversity Committee


On March 19, more than 8,600 students across the entire district, worked together to show how important it is to build cross-cultural relationships, be open minded to people that might look different than themselves, and reduce personal biases.
The district diversity leadership team, administrators and teachers all had a hand in educating students from the 6th grade through the 12th grade as they worked in both large and small groups. The main objective of the effort was to create action plans to reinforce the message across the district that discrimination and harassment – which are often seen as a catalyst for bullying – will not be tolerated. In line with the commitment from Superintendent Dr. Wade Lucas and the dedicated resources that have been established to support the district-wide diversity effort, these students are building the foundation for a better tomorrow. Use the links below to view the resources for this event.

Dr. Lucas shared that our staff facilitators were amazed by the energy and ideas of Olentangy students. “This is just part of the journey in our commitment to diversity work,” he said. “We will continue to support our students and encourage them to be proactive in creating a positive, welcome learning environment for everyone.”

The momentum from this event will be carried forward next school year. Students will continue to organize and have ownership in co-creating the environments and building culture they want to see exist. Look below for pictures and quotes from the school buildings to see the excitement and collaboration in action!

Word of Mouth
“There were almost 150 students in the high school auditorium. Many students felt comfortable expressing their feelings concerning how to continue making our school a great place to be! It was a challenging experience that is a beginning to hopefully more opportunities for students to have a safe space to share their concerns, receive support, and be of support to others!” –High School Diversity Liaison

“We had roughly 213 students show up for the 2nd hour!  The energy and ideas were amazing.” –Middle School Diversity Liaison

“Nothing but positive responses from teachers and students!” –Middle School Administrator

“We had such a great turnout! We had so many more students than I ever imagined!  The discussion in each group was amazing, and the kids keep telling me thank you for the opportunity and that they loved it!” –Middle School Diversity Liaison