Semester-Long Research Projects Culminate in Big Night at OLHS

Peter Krosnosky’s and Jill Martin’s Interdisciplinary students at Olentangy Liberty High School had a big night out last night.  They were showing off the results of their research projects for the History vs. Hollywood event, held at the school every year since 2002.  Students pick a favorite movie and through extensive research into the era, culture and events of the day, decide if the movie was historically accurate or just Hollywood hype.  All of the new common core standards come into play during the project, and the students really throw themselves into their research.  They dressed in costume from their movie’s timeframe, and many offered snacks or entertainment to enhance attendee fun.  Live music was heard, cookies were passed, and Krosnosky and Martin were visibly and justifiably proud of their students’ efforts.  The commons area of OLHS was packed for the full two hours of the event.